Guess Who's Having Fun

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Eight months old Frida arrived from Denmark. Seemingly she is the youngest spectator of the London Chess Classic. A couple of days ago she was already on the headlines with someone a bit older than her. Together with her mum she's waiting for her dad who is playing in an open tournament and wants to fulfil his GM norm. He still had chances three rounds to go.

The dog you might have seen in the previous report isn't just an ordinary one - it's a guide dog. She is waiting for her blind master to finish his game in the same open tournament. As you see she seems not to be that bored after all.

"Imagine some of the London super tournament participants reading Homer in their free time during the game" - said Genna Sosonko three years ago during one of the first Chess-News live broadcasts. That was because he remembered Robert Huebner reading the Odyssey or the Iliad during his games. Well it's indeed hard to see somebody doing this in the super tournament but why not having an extra book in an open one? It's not Homer of course but Jules Verne's "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea". In case the opponent thinks too much, there's always something to do.

Eli is just seven years old and he is waiting in the hall like many other families and friends of those spending hours inside the playing hall; he isn't waiting for his dad though, but for his older brother Josh who is three years older than him. Their mum says Eli is an exemplary supportive brother. 

Anyone could take part in a charity blitz match against David Howell.

Another family from Italy - these brothers enjoy playing chess and Fabiano Caruana is their hero. They wished to meet him and that wish was granted before the round started. Malcolm Pein even offered one of the boys to make the first move in the game, alas Fabiano was black today, thus the kid had to play for Vladimir: 1.d4! "It's the first time I agree with the kid's decision" replied Kramnik.

Happy Italian family together.

Giri and Anand seem to have different aftertaste on the gambit variation played in their game.

The room was full to listen to the hero of the day GM Nakamura.

Wherever you are, there's always time for romance.


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