Danailov Is Accused Because Of Corruption at Bulgarian Chess Federation Election. He Is Sure That Case Is Set Up by FIDE Head Officials

Время публикации: 13.12.2014 01:05 | Последнее обновление: 13.12.2014 01:09

One of the popular Bulgarian comedy shows “Gospodari na efiru” which can be translated as “Broadcast masters” showed a video report related to corruption in the Bulgarian chess federation (BCF). The situation is closely linked to the presidential elections which will take place today, on December 13.

Gospodari.com screenshot

Botvinnik chess club president Orlin Nikolov says that BCF CEO Nikolay Velchev promised him the arbiter position at the national championships as well as chess equipment for the club in order to make him support Silvio Danailov at the election. Velchev would still be BCF CEO if only Danailov is its President. It is however interesting to mention that Danailov has no competitors – he is the only candidate at the moment.

The video contained some laugh track as well.

Apart from it Nikolov came to talk to Danailov having recorded their discussion using the hidden camera (that is why BCF is suiting him). The club director thanked his counterpart for the chess tables while Velchev said that they are acting as one team at the election with Danailov so voting for Danailov means to vote for Velchev as well.

The same program had a new report made a couple of days later while the Bulgarian newspaper “Diary” analyzed the awareness of the State Ministry of Sport concerning the misuse of public funds that were assigned for the male and female European championships. The sum was about 500 thousand euros.

“Danailov and corruption” topic was at once taken and highlighted by the chess site Chessdom.com and continues to update it. The article translated into Russian says that Danailov and Velchev “can’t be found anywhere”. The Russian chess federation site copied Chessdom’s article without any changes including the comment about uncertainty of Velchev’s and Danailov’s current location.

We contacted Silvio Danailov and it wasn’t harder than in any other situation. Commenting this situation to Chess-News Silvio says that there’s no scandal and the situation is simply backed up by his opponents on purpose:

"Chessdom works for FIDE and Macropoulos. I am still in their (FIDE top officials) way, so that is why they want fling mud at me before the elections. Why am I on their way? I don’t know. They can’t frighten me or pay me a rich bribe but I do know a lot about their dirty policy. They brought to heel all the chess world except me and Kasparov. Even Carlsen is under their control…"


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