Applause for Michael

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Translated from Russian

London Chess Classic major tournament has started in London. Our reporter Ketevan Kantaria is present in Olympia Conference Centre. Look up her photos this evening. 

Today's rivals Vladimir Kramnik and Viswanathan Anand meet each other with smiles on their faces.

Fabiano Caruana is more serious, followed by Vladimir Chuchelov. Hikaru Nakamura walks behind with his girlfriend.

Boris Johnson, London mayor attended the ceremony with a fancy haircut.

Johnson gives a brief interview to the reporters. Everyone feels free here. There's no security or metal detectors at the venue.

Kids and youngsters also play in tournaments broken into different categories. British children enjoy their games.

Magnus Carlsen managed to hit Kasparov's record rating which seemed unbeatable in London just two years ago.

Everything's ready for the Big Game.

Several girls in such dresses are present at the venue to entertain lots of kids.

Romain Edouard and Anish Giri were the first ones to come to the playing hall. Little chess fans rush to get their autographs.

The other players have showed up as well. Everything is here to make kids happy.

A comment before the game? What a bright idea! Malcolm Pein, the tournament director, is holding a microphone.

What will Michael Adams say?

Kids also made moves in grandmasters' games. A little boy proposed to play 1.d4 for Kramnik. Pein asked if Vladimir wants to play that move. "It's good, - said the Russian, evaluating it in his head, - but today I am going to prefer 1.c4"

Garry Kasparov came to attend the tournament directly from the airport. An hour before his arrival there was a long line waiting to get his autographs.

Daniel King and Nigel Short comment the games on-line.

* * *

Players of the FIDE Open can analyze their games in this room together with amateurs who play chess for fun. You are free to enter it.

The board and pieces are real, IPhone replaces the clock.

Malcolm Pein tells about the importance of the "Chess in Schools" programme and about the mayor visit.

It took Michael Adams more than six hours to become a hero of the first day. Few people left at the press-center greeted him with their applause after his victory over Caruana.


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