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Russian Championship Finals are starting in Kazan

As well as Moscow, the Russian city of Kazan also has its Kremlin. The historic citadel built during the reign of Ivan the Terrible is now the State Historical and Architectural Museum. Continuing the policy of bringing chess into museums (declared by Andrey Filatov), the Russian Chess Federation has chosen the Kazan Kremlin the venue of the annual round-robin Russian Championship Finals for this year. The Men's and Women's event are being held simultaneously, with 10 participants in each.

Men's Championship:

Average Elo: 2712

Women's Championship:

Average Elo: 2453

6 players out of the Russian Top 10 are present in the Men's championship (besides Kramnik and Tomashevsky, who are busy in Qatar Masters, Alexander Grischuk and Dmitry Andreikin are also absent). The women's line-up lacks the Kosintseva sisters and Ekaterina Lagno - everyone else from the national women's Top 10 is now in Kazan.   

The prize funds are 1.170.000 rubles (~ $ 24.000, according to the current rate of exchange) and 500.000 rubles (a little more than $ 10.000) for the men's and women's events respectively. 

The opening ceremony has already taken place yesterday evening; the games of round 1 will start today at 12:00 GMT. More information about the Russian Championship Finals can be found on the special pages of our websites: men, women.

Photo: kazan-kremlin.ru


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