Putin, Carlsen, Anyone

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(Edited & translated by Andrey Deviatkin)

Do you think there is no democracy in Russia? Then just take a look at the pictures of yesterday's evening - they will speak for themselves. The ambience was extremely informal.

The Anand family is going to their seats, accompanied by Ilya Merenzon.

The ceremony can't start without Putin. While waiting for the honorary guest to arrive, Magnus and other celebrities are giving out authographs and participating in photo sessions with children and anyone else.

The picture Magnus was holding on the photo above is now near his sister. This is the gift from the Russian Chess Federation and its president Andrey Filatov.

Anand is also happy.

Meanwhile, Anatoly Vaisser and Alexander Zhukov found a few minites for a friendly blitz game. Anatoly Karpov and Andrey Grivtsov are watching. This is taking place in the Dvorkovich Drawing Room nearby.

The deputies.

That evening, the authographs were countless.

Boris Spassky

The chief arbiter of the match Andrzej Filipowicz

Ilya Smirin, a well-known grandmaster and commentator

Leontxo Garcia talking to Spassky.

Now everyone is taking their seats. It's time to start.

The closing ceremony began from the Russian national anthem.

Magnus and Vishy at the stage. Very soon they will be joined by Vladimir Putin.

President of Russia is delivering his speech.

'Why aren't we as successful as Carlsen? Hum! This is the question...'

This man deserved to be mentioned specially. Whenever Ilyumzhinov or any other high official is speaking, Berik Balgabaev is always the first one to applaud.  

His finest hour has happened when the host of the ceremony started to announce Putin's coming on the stage. As soon as the host said: 'Vladimir Vla...' Balgabaev rather jumped up than stood up. The others had no choise but to follow him, either more or less gladly.

The animator, so to say.

Carlsen saying his thanks to Agon and the Russian Chess Federation. However, for some reason the latter was interpreted into English as 'the government of the Russian Federation'.

After the solemn ceremony had been over, President of Russia went to his seat near the players in the first row.

Which was in fact just in a metre from yours truly.  

Then, there was a mini-concert by two young musicians - a violinist and a rock guitar player.

By the way, Putin wouldn't leave without giving out as many authographs as he was asked.

I'd recommend that you also watch the video of Putin among 'ordinary mortals'. It's genuine, not edited. Also, please pay your attention to the moment at approximately 5 m 40 s. 

The eye-witness reports from the match were provided to you by Evgeny Surov, with the unvaluable help by the photographer Mikhail Sholudko.


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