27...Rb4: Before and After

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(Translated from Russian by Andrey Deviatkin)

A few hours before the start of the 11th game, the Black sea wasn't calm. It was like the sign that something had to happen.

When the high officials started to arrive one by one, I already had no doubts: something had to happen definitely. And this 'something' was not the visit by Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev who hasn't come after all, despite the persistent rumours.

You see, the Carlsen Team bus is approaching the Media Center. Some people are about to get off, and... No doubt, something will unavoidably happen today. I beg your pardon if my analogy will seem too bold.

Corrado Cattani being shot dead. The famous episode of La Piovra series.

It's necessary to add: 'All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental'.

Espen Agdestein and Peter Heine Nielsen sharing opinions about the opening stage.

Magnus exchanging the queens and entering the Berlin variation. For the last time in the match.

The RCF and FIDE higher officials pretending they're being excited by the game.

After the game had finished, a Norwegian journalist approached me asking for a commentary on the match outcome. That confused me: what could I add to the banalities known to everyone? I said that the outcome had been predictable, although the match was more persistent than in Chennai. As for Anand's nerves in the crucial game, this is probably a question to experts from another field, namely those who study a mind's functioning in extreme psychological conditions.

'Who will be the next challenger?' Anyone could be, I replied. I remember my blunder about Anand and the Candidates quite well.

President of RCF Andrey Filatov: the most important thing is to arrive and depart in a timely manner.

The badges being worn by the children indicate that they are going to grow up smart!

As the real gentleman, Henrik Carlsen approached the Chess-News camera himself, as before he had been too short of time to be snapped.

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich (who came instead of Dmitry Medvedev) continued his shopping in Sochi.

A selfie? No, Nikita Kim is showing us something else. The man on the left is GM Anatoly Vaisser, 3-times World Senior Champion (see below).

I've never been thoroughly searched in Sochi. The metal detector wouldn't ring...

Sergey Nesterov, the director of the children't tournaments and all the other events having taken place in the Dvorkovich Drawing Room during the match. In the final playing days, there were a few ones too.

GMs Sergey Karjakin and Vladimir Potkin (Ian Nepomniachtchi was recruited for the live commentary) were giving simuls to children.

Potkin, Karjakin, Dvorkovich, Lobanov and the children. By the time, the 27...Rb4 by Anand hasn't been played yet.

The host of the Drawing Room playing a blitz game vs Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. Unlike many other games played in public by the FIDE President, this wasn't a short 30-seconds draw. Dvorkovich won!

Boris Spassky, who was staying in Sochi throughout the match, is in good spirits. Many side events became brighter thanks to 10th World Champion's active participation.

After the historical 27...Rb4 by Anand, all the Norwegian TV journalists went on air from the press center, interviewing Henrik Carlsen and Espen Agdestein. The more the outcome was becoming obvious, the calmer were the answers.

Deputy FIDE President Geogrios Makropoulos with Continental FIDE President for Americas Jorge Vega.

I'd like to thank the man who has found an excellent place for taking the photos. The man who has found the Lighted Place (and the author of most pictures you've enjoyed in our reports from Sochi) is Mikhail Sholudko.

The Indians who had come for Robotics Days in Sochi were eager to see Viswanathan Anand. Unfortunately, they haven't managed to.

Arkady Dvorkovich: best regards to the Chess-News followers! 


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