Sochi: SkyNet Takes Over

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(Translated from Russian by Andrey Deviatkin)

Yesterday was a notable day: the Sochi Media Center has been visited by Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko, Minister of Education Dmitry Livanov and other Russian higher officials.

Do you think they came to see the match? No, they didn't. They were attending the international forum 'Robotics Days in Sochi'. 

There were hundreds, even thousands of participants. Several huge halls were full of people, the foyers too. Fantastic!

Meanwhile, most of these people probably haven't even heard about the World Chess Championship match taking place nearby. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, for somebody), artificial intelligence is far more attractive to us than the best minds of our own!

No, this is not Vishy.

Maybe it's time for robots to replace humans in the World Chess Championship too?

These children came here not for chess either...

Now let's ask ourselves a simple question: to whom should Russian Minister of Sport go first - to the robots or to the human chess players? After all, what is chess - a sport or not a sport?!

This is the main entrance to the Media Center about 20 minites before the start. Nikita Kim and the Norwegian TV group are being on duty.

The mini-buses intended for Carlsen's and Anand's teams are arriving...

...but instead of the team members I see Peter Svidler.

Henrik Carlsen and Espen Agdestein have also arrived.

It seems that the players themselves use some back entrance.

Yes, we also have a chess robot, and it also attracts attention. But the contrast is so big...

When I was a child, I used to wonder: why should socks on both feet be the same? This man went even further. Indeed, is he breaking any rules?!

So, let's open our minds! This is my last toast for today.

Photos by Mikhail Sholudko


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