Agon Company Currently Belongs to Ilya Merenzon; Paulson No Longer Interested

Время публикации: 15.11.2014 17:45 | Последнее обновление: 15.11.2014 17:48

An interview with the Russian chess organizers Nikita Kim and Ilya Merenzon, who both have been taking an important part in organizing the World Championship match in Sochi, has been published on the Russian version of our website. Among other things, Ilya Merenzon told us that the mysterious Agon company, which possesses the rights of conducting World Chess Championships and other major chess events, is currently being owned by him.

'Initially, I wasn't the owner of Agon, holding only the minority interest. The owner was Andrew Paulson', Merenzon explains.'That was me who had helped him to get in touch with Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. And they both were the sides to have signed the contract, while I was only partly involved. However, at some point Paulson decided to switch over to some political matters (not limited to chess), and he has given up this story. I think his work had been successful, but there were no sponsorship, thus no money and no results. As Andrew was no longer interested, I've bought the company from him for one pound without any doubts. Now I'm trying to make it commercially successful. The ongoing World Championship match is one of the first steps in this direction.'


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