Shakhriyar Mamedyarov: 'I really wanted to win this blitz!'

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E.SUROV: Was it difficult for you to win?

S.MAMEDYAROV: After day 1, I thought it'd be easier. Curiously enough, today I played better than yesterday, but the result was somewhat strange. The loss to Ian (Nepomniachtchi - CN) was very annoying, because I lost on time in the winning position. Then, the game vs Grischuk was even more annoying, because I blundered in a position which wasn't lost at all. The problem was that Grischuk was playing excellently today, that's why the fight was going on till the very end. But anyway, I've had a good tournament.

E.SUROV: What if you haven't won in the end?

S.MAMEDYAROV: To be honest, I'd have been in horrible spirits. Because I've already got ready for the victory psychologically - I've started from 11/12... It had already happened that I would start like this - 8/8, 8.5/9 - and wouldn't get the 1st place. For example, in my first Tal Memorial Blitz I started 8 out of 8 and then lost 16 games!
In fact, I wanted to win exactly this tournament, because even though I've been always successful in classical Tal Memorials (tied for the 1st place once), it wasn't like this in the blitz part, and I think I'm one of the best blitz players in the world. So, I really wanted to win this blitz!

E.SUROV: Are you very happy now?

S.MAMEDYAROV: Not that I'm very happy, but of course I'm very glad. For happiness, you need something bigger than that. But to feel very glad, to be in a good mood - that's enough, it was a very good tournament.

E.SUROV: How are you going to celebrate?

S.MAMEDYAROV: I don't know yet; maybe I'll hang out somewhere with my friends. But my flight from Sochi will be tomorrow early in the morning, so I have to think for a while.

E.SUROV: Thanks a lot, and congratulations!


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