New FIDE Rating List: No Significant Changes Except Wesley So Having Entered Top 10

Время публикации: 31.10.2014 23:54 | Последнее обновление: 01.11.2014 00:07

The official world rating list for November 2014 has been published at the official FIDE website. The top 10 hasn't changed much: Magnus Carlsen is #1 with 2863 Elo points, Fabiano Caruana is the 2nd with 2839 (the distance between him and Carlsen has increased a bit since October), Veselin Topalov is next to Caruana with 2800, and so on.

However, the last place in the top 10 is occupied by its newcomer, 21-years-old Wesley So who now represents the U.S. His Elo has gone up from 2755 to 2762 which is so far the highest rating in his career.

There are even fewer changes in the women's list as only 13 games in total have been rated for the top 10 women players in October.


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