No Limits Group: in Response to Azmaiparashvili Interview

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Some time ago, Chess-News has published an interview with the new ECU President Zurab Azmaiparashvili. Some of his statements are affecting the image of my PR agency No Limits Group and me directly, so I would like to use my right of response to the ECU President.

Azmaiparashvili (this fragment of the interview is given exactly as in the Russian version - CN):

"Next, there have been a lot of contracts signed by the ECU which we can't understand. There are contracts with two Spanish companies: a travel agency and a marketing company. And besides, the previous president Silvio Danailov has signed the contract with some Bulgarian PR agency till May 2015. I understand that probably it's a very good PR company. But the man who was working as the ECU press attaché, Boyko Hristov, tells us that we must pay him monthly according to that contract, irrespective of he is working for us or not. He has just written us that he is ready to work, but he forgets that he was working for the other side during the Election campaign this year. That is, he wasn't working for the ECU - he was working exactly for Danailov and Danailov's campaign. This man, he even doesn't understand the meaning of ethical norms. So, he is putting pressure on us that we must pay him a salary.
All those companies want us to pay them. But for what? We can't even understand what their services are...

First of all, I am very surprised and worried that Mr. Azmaiparashvili uses media to solve commercial disputes, when it is very clear that there exist other options, provided by the law.

I am very worried also that Mr. Azmaiparashvili makes public statements concerning me and my agency, which are far from the truth and can harm the highly professional image of my firm. No Limits Group currently works with several clients, which operate on European level, and such unproven statements can harm the excellent cooperation between my agency and these clients. This is not acceptable for me and if Mr. Azmaiparashvili continues to blame me I will take any possible measures, provided by the law, to defend my excellent reputation.

No Limits Group works with the European Chess Union according to a contract for providing of PR services. This is a subscription contract concluded for a period of one year. Every time the contract was signed for the next period - and it has always been the same contract without any changes and for the same period (from 15th of May of the previous year - until 15th of May of the next year).

If the European Chess Union agrees I do not mind to send you the contract to be able to make sure yourself that there is nothing more but a normal contract between two parties, which are satisfied with their cooperation and want to continue in this way. There aren't any secrets in this contract, there is nothing hidden.

To make the things more clear I would like to explain to your readers the "philosophy" of the so-called "subscription contracts". The normal European practice of the PR agencies is to receive their remuneration after calculations how many hours their staff spent for the realization of their services. For my level of professional experience the minimum cost of one working hour is 100 euro, which means that I had to work only 5 hours per month for the European Chess Union, because the monthly remuneration of my agency according to the contract is 500 euro. Five hundred euro is nothing more but funny amount if we want to compare it to the middle European rates. I even can say that my agency not works for, but invests in the European Chess Union, because of the small amount of remuneration, which is not equal to the quantity and quality of work done for the client.

So, to have a subscription contract means that you agree to receive smaller amount of money for your work, but like compensation you will have guaranteed contract for certain longer period. This is the meaning of the subscription contracts in every normal European country. This is the situation with my contract with the European Chess Union - my last contract was signed on 15th of May, 2014 and logically has to be valid until 15th of May, 2015.

In his interview Mr. Azmaiparashvili speaks falsely claiming, that ECU have to pay to my agency, without matter if No Limits Group works for the client or not. Of course that ECU has to pay just in case when my agency works and works according to the contract. I already have informed several times all the Board members by emails that No Limits Group will continue to perform its duties for the European Chess Union until the end of the contract, providing highly professional services. Of course, I can prove that with the correcpondence, which I had with the new Board of the ECU.

Mr. Azmaiparashvili also claims that during the Election campaign'2014 in Tromso I didn't work for the European Chess Union, but personally for Mr. Silvio Danailov and his campaign. I am deeply surprised from such a strange logic. It is so clear that No Limits Group always has worked for the European Chess Union, which official President (representative) at that time was Mr. Danailov. Working for the ECU President and working for the European Chess Union is one and the same thing. My agency always has operated according to the requests of the client, and everything what I have done was requested by the client - European Chess Union.

Mr. Azmaiparashvili also says in this interview that I even don't understand the meaning of the ethical norms. This is the second time when Mr. Azmaiparashvili accuses me in that. The first time was when he wrote an email on 21st of August, 2014: "Dear Mr. Hristov, I'm following your conversation with General secretary of the ECU and to say the true wonder your insolence! I've just one question for you which is not connected with your "contract": do you think from moral point of view, as ECU employ, was correct what you were doing during ECU presidential campaign? Best regards, Zurab Azmaiparashvili".

It is really easy to find in Internet, that during the Election campaign'2014 in Tromso, the team of Mr. Danailov and me, we led extremely positive campaign, focused on the results achieved by the ECU management and their plans for the future, without attacking the competitors. If Mr. Azmaiparashvili thinks that I did something not moral during that campaign, please let him show it and prove it. Because in case that he continues to suggest that I did something not moral or I don't understand from ethical norms, I will take all the necessary measures to defend the good name of my firm.

His sentence that I put pressure on the European Chess Union to pay me a salary is also a big manipulation. First of all, I am not an ECU employee and do not receive a salary. My agency is a consultant and receives monthly remuneration for the services which provides to the client - the ECU. Second, I do not put pressure on the ECU to pay me something. I just want to collaborate with the European Chess Union according to the articles of our contract. This is a normal practice in the European countries - to act according to the law and to observe the provisions of the contract.

Let me give the following example: every country has many running contracts concluded with different subjects - other states, companies, etc. Do you think it is normal, when a new government comes in power, to cancel all valid contracts just for no reason??? No, of course, the practice shows that they continue to perform their duties, according to the contracts they have.

As conslusion I would like to advise Mr. Azmaiparashvili not to use my agency to make political games, because if he continues to do that, I will take all the necessary measures to defend the high professional image of my agency.

Boyko Hristov,
CEO & Owner of No Limits Group LTD



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