Elite Round-Robin Petrosian Memorial to Take Place in Novotel Moscow City

Время публикации: 16.10.2014 16:25 | Последнее обновление: 16.10.2014 18:29

The chairman of the organizing committee is President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan

Tigran Petrosian Memorial will take place in the capital of Russia from November 3rd to November 11th, 2014. The super-strong tournament will be hosted by the Novotel Hotel located in the Moscow City business center.

8 GMs to fight in the single round-robin event have already been announced (ratings given as for October 2014):

Alexander GRISCHUK (Russia, 2797)
Levon ARONIAN (Armenia, 2793)
Vladimir KRAMNIK (Russia, 2760)
Boris GELFAND (Israel, 2748)
Peter LEKO (Hungary, 2731)
Ding LIREN (China, 2730)
Alexander MOROZEVICH (Russia, 2724)
Ernesto INARKIEV (Russia, 2672)

Inarkiev isn't here by chance: back in June 2013, he has won the Higher League of the Russian individual championship which, according to its regulations, would give him the right to play in the next Tal Memorial. However, since the Russian chess management has changed recently, the traditional Tal Memorial has been cancelled. Instead, the new RCF President Andrey Filatov has proposed similar yearly tournaments in memory of different Russian and USSR world champions. As he said in the interview for the Russian version of our website: "There was Alekhine Memorial in 2013; this year we will organize Tigran Petrosian Memorial (the 9th World Champion would have turned 85 in 2014 - CN), followed by Smyslov Memorial, Botvinnik Memorial, then Tal again...". Thus, Ernesto Inarkiev has all the rights to participate now.

The chairman of the organizing committee is President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan (who is also president of the national chess federation).

"We would like to thank the Armenian President who has agreed to be the chairman of the Petrosian Memorial", the RCF press-release cites Andrey Filatov. "It's great honour for Russian Chess Federation to host one of the strongest and most interesting event in the 2014 international calendar, the one that is going to impress chess fans all over the world. Regarding this, we are grateful to the sponsors - Tashir group of companies".


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  • An opening ceremony of the Tigran Petrosian Memorial will commence today at 19:00 MSK (16:00 GMT) in the Novotel Moscow City hotel. The tournament is organized by the Russian Chess Federation and sponsored by Tashir group of companies; the chairman of the organizing committee is President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan who is President of Armenian chess federation as well.

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  • The TASHIR supertournament in memory of Tigran Petrosian has been opened in a grand manner on November 3rd in the Novotel Moscow City hotel.

    The playing venue which was looking like a dance-floor during the ceremony

  • The World Championship match is being accompanied by various side events. Six participants of the Petrosian Memorial are going to Sochi after the finish to take part in the 2-days blitz tournament in memory of Mikhail Tal (which we have already announced) on November 13-14.

  • Botvinnik Memorial is going to take place in Saint-Petersburg quite soon, but this year it is going to happen in the same time with the chess Olympiad in Istanbul (August 24 – September 2). The official site contains a list of registered participants and it’s possible to say that this year the festival will become one of the strongest Russian Swiss events.

  • The joint owner of the company "N-Trans" and the sponsor of the forthcoming World Championship match Andrey Filatov does not intend to stop after the Moscow event. The businessman plans to hold the Alekhine Memorial in Russia and France. "There is an idea to organise a tournament in his [Alekhine] memory, which could be held, for example, in the Louvre and one of our best museums: half a tournament there and half here.

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  • The 2016 Candidates tournament will take place in the capital of Russia from March 10-30

  • The tournament in memory of Mikhail Tal will nevertheless take place in Russia this year, and quite soon: it will be held in Sochi, in the same Media Center as the current Carlsen - Anand match. The only difference from the previously cancelled Tal Memorial is that now it's a blitz tournament. No information is currently available about whether it's a one-time event or the one to become traditional.

  • Russian Chess Federation announced that according to the final decision the 7th Mikhail Tal Memorial will take place from June 7-19. At the moment Magnus Carlsen, Levon Aronian and Vladimir Kramnik confirmed their participation in the tournament. Other participants as well as the venue of the tournament will be known later.