Two GM Matches in Hoogeveen: Giri vs Shirov, Timman vs Jobava

Время публикации: 12.10.2014 15:12 | Последнее обновление: 12.10.2014 15:18

The 18th Unive Chess Festival has started in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands. This year, its highlight is two separate GM matches (instead of a double-round robin of four players, as previously). Two Dutch Grandmasters will face two invited ones: Anish Giri (2768) plays Alexei Shirov (Latvia, 2691), while the veteran Jan Timman (2601) faces Baadur Jobava (Georgia, 2717). Both matches consist of 6 games and are starting today, on October 12th.

Let us remind you that Shirov has won his previous two matches (vs Sveshnikov and vs Dubov) more than convincingly. However, this time it can go slightly different for Alexei as his opponent is #7 in the FIDE rating list.

The festival program also includes a 9-rounds open (which has already started) and events for the amateurs. In the open section, top players according to the starting list are: Andrey Vovk (Ukraine, 2637), Alexander Beliasvky (Slovenia, 2618), Michael Roiz (Israel, 2585).


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