Cap d'Agde: Karpov and Gunina to Represent Russia, Edouard and Sebag for France

Время публикации: 09.10.2014 16:39 | Последнее обновление: 12.10.2014 11:51

The 3rd edition of Trophée Anatoly Karpov will take place in Cap d'Agde, France from October 17 to October 25, Europe Echecs informs. It will consist of many different tournaments (more than 600 players have been registered so far) and will be preceded by the day of chess activities in Cap D'Adge schools on October 16.

However, the main event of the festival is a friendly match between Russia and France represented by mixed mini-teams of 2 players. The Russian team will consist of famous champions Anatoly Karpov and Valentina Gunina, while their French counterparts will be Romain Edouard (#4 in France) and Marie Sebag (the top French women player). They are to play a match of 4 rapid games (25+10) on October 23-24, followed by the 4-games blitz match (3+2) on October 25.

The format of the main event differs from the previous years when it was a rapid knock-out tournament preceded by the qualifier. In 2012, Karpov won his own trophy beating Vasily Ivanchuk in the knock-out finals, while in 2013 the former world champion lost to Etienne Bacrot at the same stage.

According to Europe Echecs, the change of the formula has been caused by lack of sponsorship this year (which in turn may be explained by the current political difficulties in Europe). Besides, Vassily Ivanchuk rejected the invitation due to the situation in Ukraine, while Etienne Bacrot has too busy schedule. 


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