World Junior Championships Under 20 Underway in Pune (PHOTOS)

Время публикации: 08.10.2014 14:51 | Последнее обновление: 08.10.2014 14:52

World Junior Championships under 20 y.o. are taking place in Pune, India. There are 2 separate sections - the open championship and the girls one, both are 13-rounds Swiss. 

Top 5 of the open section, according to the FIDE rating list:
Vladimir Fedoseev (Russia, 2661)
Robin van Kampen (Netherlands, 2641)
Wei Yi (China, 2641)
Vidit Santosh Gujrathi (India, 2635)
Jorge Cori (Peru, 2612).

Starting top 5 of the girls category:
Aleksandra Goryachkina (Russia, 2430)
Meri Arabidze (Georgia, 2409)
Sarasadat Khademalsharieh (Iran, 2366)
Daria Pustovoitova (Russia, 2354)
Zhai Mo (China, 2339).

The games begin at 10:00 CET and are relayed live on the official website. International arbiter Ilgar Bajarani who is in Pune now has informed us that the participants are accommodated in the luxurious Hyatt Regency hotel.

Let us remind you that the recent youth championships in Durban (for younger players) have been a huge success for the Indian participants.

Alexandra Goryachkina ready to start the tournament (photos by Ilgar Bajarani)


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