Petroleum Painting. Day-off in Baku: Photos By Evgeny Surov

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The first day-off in Baku began from the train journey.

The train goes along the boulevard. Actually, it is even more pleasant to walk here.

However, going like the wind isn't bad either.

We are arriving at a place which is literally windy - it is a large open area with piers, helipads, lawns... The Baku chess Olympiad will take place exactly here.  

The Olympiad will be in 2016. For the moment, we have been invited for the reconnaissance - namely, to taste the local food.

Genna Sosonko, Firuza Kasimdzhanova and a Russian sports journalist Marina Makarycheva

Rustam Kasimdzhanov talking to Sergey Karjakin and Sergey's wife Galiya Karjakina

Not all the Grand Prix participants were spending the day-off this way, nevertheless there were no vacant seats by the dinner table. 

Emil Sutovsky (born in Baku) is one of the official commentators for the event.

Mahir Mammadov, Vice President of Azerbaijani chess federation, is greeting the guests. Whenever he does this he is always bright and exquisite, sometimes getting applause for his words.

"In 2016 we will greet you in the building over there..." The future venue for the chess Olympiad can be seen through the window.

It was also the host for Eurovision-2012.

Baku or Dubai?

Probably you've already realized that the weather was finally sunny - for the first time since the start of the tournament. This time, Baku looks quite different!

Those who kept their vigor after the 5-course dinner went to the Old City of Baku, its historical core.

Baku keeps changing every year. Apart from new buildings, it keeps turning more and more green. 

The underground street crossing in the very center of the city. 

When I was here 7 years ago there was no amazing park which you can see on the photos.

These 3 skyscrapers are visible almost everywhere in Baku.

A tasty aroma of bread.

For those who know the culture of the USSR, this place is well-known: a famous scene from the cult Soviet comedy The Diamond Arm has been filmed here.

The matter is of big importance: who will imitate the main character of the comedy? 

A nice narrow street.

The monument to Aliagha Vahid, a famous Azeri poet.

This sculpture symbolizes silhouettes of women (7 in total).

The model of the city

Marina Makarycheva: "I've met this cat here before!"

Our guide announced that the bride had been prepared specially for us. However, the joke was too loud so that we decided to leave quickly...

The paint for the sepia-coloured paintings was... petroleum!

There is so much petroleum in Azerbaijan that it is used even for paintings. Very nice paintings, by the way.

One report or even several ones aren't enough to convey the beauty and might of the boulevard park. You should come and see!

The Hilton hotel reminds us that the tournament is still on.

(Translated from Russian by Andrey Deviatkin)



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