Grand Prix in Baku: Both Karjakin and Dominguez Disapprove Of Time Control

Время публикации: 04.10.2014 22:12 | Последнее обновление: 04.10.2014 22:12

Sergey Karjakin has scored his first victory in the Baku tournament.

The Russian GM chose a very calm opening line and then managed to outplay Leinier Dominguez in a slightly better endgame.

During the press conference both Karjakin and Dominguez disapproved of the time control. "It is the most absurd time control I've ever met in my practice", said one of them, and the other agreed.

The time control used in Baku (as well as in the FIDE Grand Prix on the whole) is 120'/40+60'/20+(15'+30") which means that there is no increment till move 61. The one who suffered from that today was Alexander Grischuk who lost on time at move 60 - see our coming reports for the details.

Let us remind you that ACP had surveyed the top GMs during the previous Grand Prix series and most of them had voted for another time control. However, their opinions were disregarded by the organizers. 

[Event "Baku FIDE Grand Prix 2014"] [Site "Baku AZE"] [Date "2014.10.04"] [Round "3"] [White "Karjakin,Sergey"] [Black "Dominguez Perez,L"] [Result "1-0"] [WhiteElo "2767"] [BlackElo "2751"] [EventDate "2014.10.02"] [ECO "A07"] 1. Nf3 d5 2. g3 g6 3. Bg2 Bg7 4. d4 Nf6 5. O-O O-O 6. c3 c6 7. Nbd2 Bf5 8. Nh4 Be6 9. Qc2 Nbd7 10. f4 Bg4 11. Re1 e6 12. e4 Nxe4 13. Nxe4 dxe4 14. Qxe4 Bf6 15. Nf3 Bxf3 16. Qxf3 Qa5 17. Be3 Nb6 18. Bf2 Rad8 19. g4 Nc4 20. Re2 Nd6 21. h4 h5 22. gxh5 Qxh5 23. Qxh5 gxh5 24. Kh2 Kg7 25. Bf3 Rh8 26. a4 Kf8 27. a5 a6 28. Kh3 Nf5 29. Rd1 Rd7 30. b4 Kg7 31. c4 Nxd4 32. Red2 Rhd8 33. Bxh5 Kf8 34. Bg4 Ke8 35. h5 Nf5 36. Rxd7 Rxd7 37. Rxd7 Kxd7 38. Bxf5 exf5 39. h6 Ke8 40. Bc5 Bh8 41. Kh4 1-0

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