Laznicka - Rapport in Novy Bor: Half of The Match Is Over

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Short matches between famous GMs have already become a tradition for chess life in the Czech Republic, and yet another one has started on September 30th in the town of Novy Bor: Viktor Laznicka (Czech Republic) and Richard Rapport (Hungary) are to play 6 classical games. The score after 3 playing days is 2.5-0.5 to Rapport. Chess-News is presenting a brief review of the first half of the match.

A day before the start saw the 16 boards simultan by Rapport where the invited GM has granted his opponents only half a point. Game 1 was also a success for the Hungarian.


20.h3?! 20.Bxd5 was better because White has nothing to fear in case of 20...Qh4?! 21.Bxe6 Qxf2+ 22.Kh1 Nxe3 23.Rg1. 20...Nxf2 Another option is 20...Ngxe3!? 21.fxe3 Nxe3, which, however, probably allows White to hold somehow by 22.Bxe6 Qg5 23.g4 Nc2 24.Qc1. 21.Kxf2? 21.Bxd5 was preferrable, and the position after 21...Nxh3+ 22.gxh3 cxd5 23.Ne2! is not totally clear. 21...Nxe3!!

22.Qc5?! 22.Bxe6?! is also hopeless due to 22...Qxd4! 23.Ke2 Qd3+ (or 23...Nxg2) 24.Kf2 Nc2 25.Qc5 e3+ 26.Kg1 exd2 27.Ra2 Nd4; The lesser evil would be 22.Kxe3 Qg5+ 23.Ke2 (if 23.Kf2 Qxd2+ 24.Be2 then 24...f4 25.Kg1 f3) 23...Bxc4+ 24.Nxc4 Qxg2+ 25.Kd1 (25.Ke1 can be met by 25...f4!) 25...Qf1+ and even though Black regains one of the sacrificed knights the fight is not over yet. 22...Qg5 Now White is helpless. 23.Bf1 Nd5 24.Ke1 Qg3+ 0–1

The Czech player missed his chance to strike back in the second game.


The position is roughly equal, but Rapport's evaluation was way too optimistic, judging by his next move.
33.Ra7? Qc1+ 34.Kg2 Rb8
Now 35...Rb1 is an unpleasant threat.
Here the Hungarian could be charged for his inaccuracy had Black played 35...Ra8! which is probably winning.

The main line is 36.Rxf7 (if 36.Rb1 then 36... Qxb1 37.Bxa8 Bd3!; 36.Qf1 is met by 36...Qxc3) 36...Ra1 37.Rxf8+ Kg7!!
Instead, Black went for the exchange: 35...Rxb7? 36.Bxb7. White is still worse here but Rapport managed to save the game.

Laznicka missed his chances in game 3 as well, allowing the Hungarian to increase his score instead.

King's Indian Defence
1.d4 d6 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.c4 g6 4.g3 Bg7 5.Bg2 0–0 6.0–0 Nbd7 7.Nc3 e5 8.h3 c6 9.e4 Qb6 10.Re1 exd4 11.Nxd4 Re8 12.Nc2!? Nc5 13.b4

13...Ncd7 The famous Portisch - Stein game (Sousse 1967) went on 13...Ne6 14.Be3 after which 14...Qa6!? is an interesting possibility. 14.Qxd6! Ne5 This move is hardly the improvement over a few earlier games which saw this position. 15.c5 Qa6

16.Bf4! White is clever enough to refrain from 16.f4 Bxh3! 17.fxe5 Rad8. 16...Nh5 17.Bf1! Nc4 18.Qd3! Bxh3 18...Be6 19.e5 also doesn't seem to solve the problems. 19.Bxh3 Rad8 20.Nd5 Nxf4 21.gxf4 Bxa1 22.Rxa1 cxd5 23.exd5 b5

24.Qd4? Laznicka's play was excellent so far but this move is an error. 24.cxb6 axb6 25.a4 or even more radical 24.a4!? Qf6 25.axb5 Qxf4 26.Bg2 would have secured his advantage. 24...Re2! 25.Ne3 Nxe3 26.fxe3 Qa3!

27.Bg2? Afterwards, Laznicka must have regretted for choosing this order of moves. White had to begin with 27.d6! Rxe3, where both 28.Bg2 and 28.Bf1 would have kept him alive even though Black is already better. Now it looks like White is losing by force. 27...Re8! 28.d6 R8xe3 29.d7 Rxg2+ 30.Kxg2 Re2+ Or 30...Rg3+ 31.Kf2 Qf3+ 32.Ke1 Qh1+ 33.Kd2 Qh2+. 31.Qf2 Rxf2+ 32.Kxf2 Qb2+ 33.Kg3 Qc3+ 34.Kh4 g5+ 35.Kg4 h5+ 36.Kxg5 Qd3 0–1 (annotations by GM Mikhail Golubev).

 [Event "Novoborsky Sachova Corrida 2014"] [Site "Novy Bor"] [Date "2014.09.30"] [Round "1"] [White "Laznicka, Viktor"] [Black "Rapport, Richard"] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "A41"] [WhiteElo "2675"] [BlackElo "2713"] [PlyCount "48"] [EventDate "2014.09.30"] [EventCountry "CZE"] 1. d4 d6 2. c4 e5 3. Nf3 e4 4. Nfd2 f5 5. Nc3 c6 6. e3 Nf6 7. Be2 Na6 8. Qa4 Nc7 9. b4 a6 10. Qb3 d5 11. a4 Be6 12. Bb2 Be7 13. O-O O-O 14. b5 Kh8 15. Rfb1 dxc4 16. Bxc4 Ncd5 17. bxc6 bxc6 18. Ba3 Bxa3 19. Qxa3 Ng4 20. h3 Nxf2 21. Kxf2 Nxe3 22. Qc5 Qg5 23. Bf1 Nd5 24. Ke1 Qg3+ 0-1 [Event "Rapport-Laznicka m 2014"] [Site "Novy Bor CZE"] [Date "2014.10.01"] [Round "2"] [White "Rapport, Richard"] [Black "Laznicka, Viktor"] [Result "1/2-1/2"] [WhiteTitle "GM"] [BlackTitle "GM"] [WhiteElo "2713"] [BlackElo "2675"] [ECO "B18"] [Opening "Caro-Kann"] [Variation "classical variation"] [WhiteFideId "738590"] [BlackFideId "316385"] [EventDate "2014.09.30"] 1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. Nd2 dxe4 4. Nxe4 Bf5 5. Nc5 b6 6. Nb3 e6 7. Nf3 Nd7 8. Bf4 Ngf6 9. c3 a5 10. a4 Be7 11. Bc4 O-O 12. O-O Qc8 13. Re1 h6 14. h3 Qb7 15. Nbd2 Nd5 16. Bg3 Rfd8 17. Qb3 Bf8 18. Ne4 N7f6 19. Nxf6+ Nxf6 20. Bh4 Rdb8 21. Bxf6 gxf6 22. Nh4 Bh7 23. Be2 Qc7 24. Qc4 b5 25. axb5 Rxb5 26. b4 Rd8 27. bxa5 Rxa5 28. Rxa5 Qxa5 29. Bf3 Qg5 30. g3 c5 31. Rd1 Bc2 32. Ra1 Bh7 33. Ra7 Qc1+ 34. Kg2 Rb8 35. Rb7 Rxb7 36. Bxb7 Qb1 37. Ba6 Be4+ 38. Nf3 Bd5 39. Qe2 cxd4 40. cxd4 Qc1 41. Qe3 Qa1 42. Be2 f5 43. g4 fxg4 44. hxg4 Bg7 45. Kh2 Bxf3 1/2-1/2 [Event "Rapport-Laznicka m 2014"] [Site "Novy Bor CZE"] [Date "2014.10.02"] [Round "3"] [White "Laznicka, Viktor"] [Black "Rapport, Richard"] [Result "0-1"] [WhiteTitle "GM"] [BlackTitle "GM"] [WhiteElo "2675"] [BlackElo "2713"] [ECO "E69"] [Opening "King's Indian"] [Variation "fianchetto, classical main line"] [WhiteFideId "316385"] [BlackFideId "738590"] [EventDate "2014.09.30"] 1. d4 d6 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. c4 g6 4. g3 Bg7 5. Bg2 O-O 6. O-O Nbd7 7. Nc3 e5 8. h3 c6 9. e4 Qb6 10. Re1 exd4 11. Nxd4 Re8 12. Nc2 Nc5 13. b4 Ncd7 14. Qxd6 Ne5 15. c5 Qa6 16. Bf4 Nh5 17. Bf1 Nc4 18. Qd3 Bxh3 19. Bxh3 Rad8 20. Nd5 Nxf4 21. gxf4 Bxa1 22. Rxa1 cxd5 23. exd5 b5 24. Qd4 Re2 25. Ne3 Nxe3 26. fxe3 Qa3 27. Bg2 Re8 28. d6 R8xe3 29. d7 Rxg2+ 30. Kxg2 Re2+ 31. Qf2 Rxf2+ 32. Kxf2 Qb2+ 33. Kg3 Qc3+ 34. Kh4 g5+ 35. Kg4 h5+ 36. Kxg5 Qd3 0-1


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