Round 1 Photos: Timely Appearance of The Coach

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(Translated from Russian by Andrey Deviatkin)

Azerbaijan helps FIDE out: the Cultural Event Center of Baku has opened its doors for 12 participants of the 1st stage of the FIDE Grand Prix 2014/15. 8 of the players are going to the second stage to Tashkent very shortly after the finish. (Some of them will continue non-stop chess tours even after Tashkent but that's another story.) We are presenting fresh photos from the starting round. A big pictorial report from the yesterday's opening ceremony is available here.

Hikaru Nakamura: a new hairstyle but the same sponsor

Dmitry Andreikin (whom we haven't seen playing at top level for a while) attracts a reporter's attention

Boris Gelfand

Rustam Kasimdzhanov was sitting in this pose for 10 minites before the start of his game...

...allowing himself to weaken the concentration only for a few moments 

Peter Svidler getting instructed by Mark Glukhovsky, a journalist and a high official in the Russian Chess Federation

Alexander Grischuk

It seems the main characters here are Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the president of the Azerbaijan Chess Federation Elman Rustamov. However, an attentive reader might be able to spot another interesting detail on this photo and on the next one...


Ilyumzhinov is starting the game between Mamedyarov and Radjabov (which has already ended in a quick draw)

* * *

The quick draw between two Azerbaijani GMs Mamedyarov and Radjabov wasn't a big surprise for the journalists.

The press conference was almost as long in duration as the game itself. Of course, the conversation wasn't about opening novelties. Shakhriyar and Teimour brought back their memories of their first encounter 20 years ago, where Mamedyarov had offered a draw in a better position, leaving both fathers of the future elite GMs satisfied with the outcome.
There was also a bit of the philosophical talk about the changes which had taken place since the very first Grand Prix tournament in Baku. "It seems we play better now but our ratings haven't increased... and these days, 2780 is not the same as before." No Olympic gold medals for the national team yet, although the team European championship was won already twice... "Nevertheless, I'm quite happy of how my chess life went since 2008," Mamedyarov summed up.
Football was also a subject to discussion.

The press centre is on the 2nd floor (the tournament hall is on the 1st).

This all is for the journalists!


* * *

Everything was quiet and peaceful for the first two hours and a half. Then the cascade of outcomes began and the GMs who had finished their games literally queued up in the press hall. 

Caruana and Karjakin (each in his own mood) were the last participants to talk to the journalists today.

Those who noticed the absence of Alpari logo on the Sergey's sleeve were definitely right.

Caruana's coach GM Vladimir Chuchelov has made his first appearance in the venue. For luck, it seems!


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