Anand Confirms Participation in WC Match, Signs Contract

Время публикации: 28.08.2014 20:53 | Последнее обновление: 28.08.2014 20:57

Vishy Anand's wife and manager Aruna told the ex-champion has signed the contract, therefore confirmed his participation in the World title match scheduled to take place in Sochi, Russia. Let us remind you the reigning champion Carlsen of Norway hasn't yet signed the papers, at the same time FIDE says it's not going to wait for the answer later than the deadline August 31. 

"The players' contracts for Anand and Carlsen have a deadline of 31 August 2014, because FIDE is also under a contract with the sponsor,” FIDE Vice President Israel Gelfer told “The company has the obligation to send a first transfer to FIDE by September 1st. It's logical that they want to have the signatures of the players first.”

Gelfer makes no concrete notice  of the company only saying Agon helped to find it. "All I know is that AGON helped finding the company. They were involved.” As to Sochi governor Alexander Tkachev, who is now on the EU blacklist, Gelfer said: "I don't know this name. The sponsor is a company.”

Aruna Anand: "“Like we have said before, a world championship match in Russia always has a special place. In 2012 the RCF treated Anand with the respect befitting his status. We should place on record our gratitude to the Government of Sochi for sponsoring the match. The RCF under the Presidentship of Mr. Filatov and his team which comprise of the captains of Russian industry and government will ensure the smooth functioning of the championship.

We would certainly look forward to the match and I am sure the organisers will ensure that the the conditions of the match are commensurate with the prestige of the title that is being contested. The logistics and venue are being worked out and we hope that as per the contract we will have a clear picture by the time of the team inspection.”


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