Zhukova on Lagno: "Getting Rid of the Parasites is Only For the Better"

Время публикации: 18.08.2014 10:08 | Последнее обновление: 19.08.2014 12:27

Ukrainian national teams were met by xsport journalists at the airport. Namely, Natalia Zhukova who won individual gold on the 4th board gave a short interview. According to Natalia the women's team (which finished third) could have achieved a better result if all of the members of the team were in an optimal shape. 

Natalia remembered the match against China in the last round as one of the hardest, "We almost ran out of energy, while china is a very strong team, they have some kind of medications which helps them to feel refreshed as on the first day. We of course wanted to win and we missed some chances during the time trouble. Nonetheless, the draw was worth a lot."

Zhukova also commented on Kateryna Lagno's leaving:

"Getting rid of the parasites is always painless. Well, love cannot be forced. If she doesn't want to play for Ukraine, why do we need such people? We didn't communicate at the Olympiad, she avoided it. Cleansing is always for the better."



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