Ilyumzhinov Reveals What He Meant Under "20 Million Dollars Already Today" Promise

Время публикации: 13.08.2014 11:50 | Последнее обновление: 13.08.2014 12:05

The re-elected president of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov gave a brief interview to the Noregian TV journalists regarding the General Assembly meeting held recently. 

Journalist: "Mr. Ilyumzhinov, how long had you planned your speech today?"

Ilyumzhinov,"Well, I prepared my speech about 15 minutes speech, yesterday when I learned that every candidate has a limit of 15 minutes, I prepared a big speech but when Kasparov when Kasparoch made his speech of 17 minutes I  made my speech seven minutes, I decided to answer in some points his speech, that's why my speech was too short."

Journalist,"When did you come up with those millions?"

"When Kasparov mentioned these figures - 10 million dollars - I thought that we spent such money on development of chess 15 years ago. For example this year 2014, it's only august but I can think of an investment for chess events, for the program "Chess in schools" about 19 millions spent. When I heard Kasparov and this businessman from US Rex want not to pay to FIDE but be a guarantee of finding such money, I thought what is that? Now we already spent such money. That's why I annnouncd this figure of 20 million dollars meaning for us it is not a problem to organize and invest such money, we already started to work."

Journalist, "Did you come up with that today?"

Ilyumzhinov, "Yes yes, we have already several million US dollars for our program "Chess in school". This is an already existing program.."

Journalis,"It is not new money, but old money you talked about?"

Ilyumzhinov, "I don't understand what is new and old money. My bad, I don't know correct English. This money cannot be old or new- money is money."

Journalist,"Is it money you already put into something - it is old money, if it's new money, it is money you pick up today and use in future. Do you undersand?"

Ilyumzhinov, "Yes, I understand. Some part of this money. Now I will check it with my financial director and friends. Now we have maybe 5, 6 several millions..."

Journalist, "so you didn't check it before your speech?"

Ilyumzhinov, "No, I heard Kasparov's speech and during his speech I decided I calculated because I am also a bussinessman and I understood that we can invest 20millions in chess..."



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