Rublevsky on Gunina's Calculation Skills and Miracle In Russia - Georgia Match

Время публикации: 07.08.2014 17:17 | Последнее обновление: 07.08.2014 19:20

The chief coach of the Russian women's team Sergey Rublevsky said what happened in Russia - Georgia match was a miracle.

"As we all expected the match was tough, Georgia is one of the favourites. Sasha Kosteniuk got real chances after the opening, while other encounters were more or less under our control up to some moment. However, closer to the time trouble Sasha blundered losing most of her advantage, Valya got a worse position, draws were inevitable in other encounters. We hoped for nothing, but then a miracle happened. It's not a first time something like this happens in the matches against Georgia - they collapse under pressure after the second time trouble. Of course we were lucky!"

"[...] After the bishop exchange it was clear that Valya wouldn't lose this position, which in addition wasn't a comfortable one for the rival. Honestly at his point I was already sure that all would finish successfully for us. Valya is very strong in calculations in blitz, I would not advise anyone, even men, to try to "overcalculate" her!"

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Russian women's team along with two other teams is perfect after five rounds. Rublevsky, "The conditions are so tough that I feel sorry for the girls! I am trying not to create additional traffic near their tables... So, I mainly watch the games after the round. China is yet crushign everyone, Indonesia and Iran showed a fantastic result in first four rounds, Ukraine on the contrary shows an unconfident play. This is what I have followed."


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