Three Lives of One Olympiad

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Yesterday's working day started at Rica Hotel where Kasparov and his team held a press conference.  

"Our opponents never mention team competitions, simply because they have nothing to offer the public." 

"Most of the promises given for 19 years were never implemented. We plan to change this."

"All the Russian embassies worldwide are mobilized to support Ilyumzhinov."  

"It is clear that they are simply afraid to compete fairly." 

"If I will become FIDE president I will assure that the rules will be similar to all the federations despite their sizes." 

The press conference lasted for more than an hour. Close to the end the event resembled the course of a psychological training: everyone started recalling stories on how the current FIDE leadership pressures them. Some were promised to receive money for the competitions after the elections, others had talks with Russian embassies, "proxy" was another topic.. There is a wide variety of such tricks but what does it change if that all is talked over in one room?

* * *

Meanwhile the Georgian delegation offered everyone wine in the expo-hall.   

"Batumi 2018" advertisement billboard was most lively. Georgians brought some wine with the special delivery from Tbilisi, laid the table; the guests seemed to be enjoying (video).

All was more prosaic on the side. Nigel Short skipped Round 3...

Silvio Danailov and Vladimir Chuchelov.

GM Daniel Fridman (on the right)...

* * *

...Fifth hour of the play.

Azerbaijani team.

Movsesian resigned, Armenia lost against France.

US was defeated by China

Ukraine won this time but Ivanchuk disappointed his fans by missing advantage and eventually agreeing on a draw.  


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