Caruana "Yet Pretty Undecided" Whom to Support at FIDE Elections

Время публикации: 03.08.2014 17:29 | Последнее обновление: 03.08.2014 17:29

Fabiano Caruana has been the guest of the first press conference led by susan Polgar, along with other questions Fabiano was asked by the ditor of Chess-News whom he supports on the upcoming FIDE presidential elections.

"Well, I haven't openly supported anyone I think a lot of things could be improved on the current leadership and I am not sure if Kasparov could improve on it, I am not as convinced as everyone else that he would be as much of a change from current FIDE, I would hope so. I think he could potentially bring a lot of sponsorship to chess and a lot of new events both at top and lower levels, the question is of course if he is really willing to and if he can work with the players, sponsors and organizers. He has a lot of conflicts in many countries which could be a problem, so for the moment I am pretty much undecided and I try not to get involved. At least if there's a change I hope it will be a very good one." 


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