Anatoly Karpov on Kateryna Lagno's Decision to Switch Federations

Время публикации: 24.07.2014 21:35 | Последнее обновление: 24.07.2014 21:36

Anatoly Karpov commented on Kateryna Lagno's decision to switch federations in the live-broadcast at Vechernyaya Moskva (Evening Moscow) web-portal. 

"From now on she will represent the Russian national team at the international competitions. She's a strong player, a grandmaster. She's of course from Urkaine, she was born there, but she didn't live there last years. She got married and lived in France but then unfortunately she got divorced. After that she started looking for opportunities and palces where she could live and support herself by the help of her profession. Russia offered her such possibilities. I think Lagno strengthens our team, we have all chances to win the Olympiad." 

"After break-up of the Soviet Union the whole lot of nations and families were migrating, and it's all very possible now. Such transfers were quite rare in USSR , but after the break-up that kind of transfers are quite common. Our chess players are also all over the world, I don't see anything scary in that." 


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