Russia Will Participate. Lagno, Gunina, Kosteniuk, Pogonina, Girya to Play

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The Organizing Committee allows excluded teams to play at Tromso Olympiad

The Organizing Committee of Tromso Olympiad published a reply letter on Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's letter in which FIDE president wrote "I am hereby officially informing the Organizing Committee that the delegations of Russia, Afghanistan, Gabon and Pakistan are allowed to participate in the FIDE Olympiad and Congress in Tromso, in accordance with the power given to the FIDE President by article 6.1 of the regulations. This decision has been made by taking into account the real problems that the federations of Russia, Afghanistan, Gabon and Pakistan faced during the registration process."

At a board meeting on Sunday the Tromsø 2014 organisers discussed the situation surrounding teams that missed the deadline for Olympiad registration. Here we offer the extracts from the decision published by the Committee.

"We acknowledge the receipt of your letter stipulating a set deadline for response.

During a Board meeting yesterday evening, COT2014 discussed the recent developments and reached the following decisions: 1. During the entire planning of the event in Tromsø, COT2014 has worked on the assumption that FIDE accepted that the registration deadline for participants was June 1, 2014. As soon as COT2014 became aware that there could be various interpretations of the regulations, we sought support for our interpretation that teams that registered after this date could not participate, in a specific enquiry to FIDE Chief Inspector and Vice President Israel Gelfer, who confirmed this by e-mail on June 5, 2014. 


3. However, COT2014 takes a positive attitude to the FIDE President’s request out of consideration for the players, federations and good sportsmanship. Consequently, COT2014 accepts that the federations that have not registered teams by the deadline of June 1, 2014, are hereby permitted to register their respective teams, as they would have been on June 1."

We wondered if that means Russian national team wouldn't be having Kateryna Lagno as the official date for her transfer is July 12. 

UPD. Chairmain of the Management Board of Russian Chess Federation Mark Glukhovsky told Chess-News radio that Lagno will represent Russian team. As regards to the note according to which the federations might register the teams as they "would have been on June 1", Glukhovsky says "there's 3.7.2 Olympiad Regulations which allow introducing any player 20 hours prior to the start of the competition." Other members of the team are Gunina, Kosteniuk, Pogonina and Girya.  

"In addition to the above five points, the Board notes with satisfaction your statement in a recent interview that the Chess Olympiad will not be moved from Tromsø. This strong statement gives you credit and COT2014 hopes for a positive and constructive dialogue with FIDE up to and during the Chess Olympiad and with no further legal threats," is said in the statement of the Committee available at full here

* * *

In the open letter to the General Director of Department of Sport In Norway Ministry of Culture, Andrei Filatov, the president of RCF, noted that "the Russian Chess Federation will demand a public apology from the Organizing Committee that is due to the Russian women's team. We are confident of the validity of our legal case and will seek compensation for the costs the RCF incurs in filing its law suit and for the moral damage caused to the Russian women's team," is further noted in the letter."

As Tarjei J. Svensen wrote on his Twitter page the abovementioned letter will not get any reply. 


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