UCF Accuses FIDE Becoming "Dangerously Dependent On the Kremlin", Warns on "Real Split", Kasparov Stresses "Stolen Votes"

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The tension around the upcoming Tromso Olympiad, FIDE Congress and the presidential elections increases.

We've already heard FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's statement, open letter by the Russian Chess Federation and another open letter by the lawyers of RCF (in which they stand for the rights of the Russian women's team along with other federations excluded from the Olympiad), the opponents of the reigning FIDE officials also are active in stating their position. 

The Organizing Committee of the Olympiad took the time provided by Ilyumzhinov for preparing an official answer (July 21). 

On July 18 an hour long press conference of the president of the Ukrainian chess federation Viktor Kapustin has been held. Basically what Kapustin discussed were two problematic topics between UCF and FIDE. 

Press conference in Ukrainian

The Ukrainian chess federation published an open letter in which two topics are discussed: organizing chess events in Crimea and Kateryna Lagno's membership in UCF.The UCF stated it is vital for FIDE to express its position regarding the organization of chess events in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol territory of which is annexed by the Russian Federation.

The UCF also protests against Kateryna Lagno's transfer to the RCF which was done by violating the existing FIDE regulations. 

"The Ukrainian Chess Federation became aware of the fact that the Russian Chess Federation made an illegal attempt to register the Ukrainian chess player Ms. Lagno for participation in 2014 Chess Olympiad in Tromso as a member of the Russian Chess Federation team. Moreover, we are cognizant of the pressure exercised by the Executive Director of FIDE Mr. Freeman in this regard favoring extension of time to enable such a registration," was outlined in the statement.

In the meantime, Viktor Kapustin predicts a new war in the chess world: "This is a warning for the FIDE: if in FIDE some federations will be more equal than others it will lead to a very serious split in FIDE. And it won't finish with Ilyumzhinov winning five votes over Kasparov, there will be a real split...

Lagno is still among the members of the Ukrainian national team for the Olympiad. This is what Kapustin replied on one of the journalist's questions: "You claim Lagno doesn't want to play for the Ukrainian national team, don't you? Well, the federation got no official statements from her..."

The UCF published an open letter on both of those topics right after the press conference was over. The text in English.

Earlier Kasparov's election campaign website published a letter by the UCF to the Canadian federation in which it agitates the latter to vote for Kasparov's candidacy. "The FIDE administration of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has become dangerously dependent on and devoted to the Kremlin, a situation all lovers of chess should find intolerable. It is damaging to our sport’s reputation and also harmful to the practical development of sponsorship and governmental relationships. One cannot imagine governments or companies in Ukraine or Canada supporting chess activities organized or sponsored by a regime, corporations, or individuals under EU and Canadian sanctions."

...Just recently the FIDE Election committee has also been criticized for making decisions in favor of Ilyumzhinov's supporters despite the documents and arguments which those criticizing (one of such is Andrei Korobeinik) find convincing. Kasparov said the Election Committee should be completely independent, noting that six stolen votes are also important.


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