NCFP Not Willing to Let So Switch Federation To the US

Время публикации: 04.07.2014 23:30 | Последнее обновление: 04.07.2014 23:36

The recent notes flooding Philippine media on the grandmaster Wesley So allegedly to represent his country of origin at the Tromso Olympiad failed to be confirmed. 

As Susan Polgar told the newspaper Bandera, she by the way is introduced as So's coach, the grandmaster hasn't changed his mind to switch the federation to the US one. He even signed the contract to coach the American team, while at the moment he is still not allowed to play under US flag as long as the National Chess Federation of Philippines (NCFP) hasn't given its approval yet.

However, Polgar says So will either represent US team in official FIDE events after getting the permission, or skip them until the transfer will be officially agreed upon sides.  

Yet So is playing under the native flag. Image

Although 20-year-old GM (world #16 according to the current rating list) has been asking NCFP to let him go since November, it seems that yet the federation is not ready to do so. Moreover, according to Susan Polgar's blog on July 3 So received an email "from the NCFP Secretariat about the upcoming Chess Olympiad, with the attachment of an official communication letter from Chairman Pichay to PSC Chairman Garcia on the official team composition of players and coaches of the Philippines in the upcoming Chess Olympiad (which includes Wesley, Oliver Barbosa, Julio Saddora, Eugenio Torre, and John Paul Gomez). This is more than a month after the submission deadline for the Tromsø Chess Olympiad."

Wesley So's faimily has immigrated to North America several years ago.

Earlier we've published So's open letter to NCFP in which he wrote: "If you choose not to approve my transfer request, I have no way of paying the 50,000 euros fees to the NCFP. Because of the 2-year waiting period rule of FIDE, I am not able to compete in the World Rapid and Blitz Championships in Dubai next week. I will also not be able to compete in the upcoming Olympiad in Norway."

So's letter at full


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