Ukraine Demands FIDE to Treat National Federations Equally

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Crimea and Lagno - topics discussed in UCF open letter to FIDE

The Ukrainian Chess Federation (UCF) published an open letter in which two topics are discussed: organizing chess events in Crimea and Kateryna Lagno's membership in UCF. As you know earlier Lagno stated a wish to change her federation and move to Russia.

The official letter signed by the UCF president Viktor Kapustin is available in English.The pdf file can be found below.

Тournaments in Crimea

The UCF states it is vital for FIDE to express its position regarding the organization of chess events in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol territory of which is annexed by the Russian Federation. 

"In accordance with the Olympic Charter and Chapter 02 FIDE Statutes, one of the fundamental principles of FIDE is that only one national federation should have the principal authority over chess activities in each country. Taking into account that the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol remain integral parts of the territory of Ukraine in accordance with the resolution of UN General Assembly meeting of 27 March 2014 and international law. FIDE affirms that the Ukrainian Chess Federation remains exclusive authority over chess activities under FIDE auspices conducted in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol (Crimea region). The Ukrainian Chess Federation remains the only national chess federation validly formed in Ukraine. 

FIDE will consider any attempt by another national chess federation to organize chess tournament under auspices of FIDE or otherwise exercise its jurisdiction in the territory of Crimea region as contrary to the Statutes of FIDE and the Olympic Charter," is said in the letter. 

Further the letter informs that on June 30th 2014 FIDE issued an official agenda for the General Assembly refusing to include proposal of "Ukrainian Chess Federation regarding the exclusive jurisdiction of Ukrainian Chess Federation over the territory of Ukraine."  

Further details on the matter may be found in the letter attached as pdf file below


Kateryna Lagno

"The Ukrainian Chess Federation became aware of the fact that the Russian Chess Federation made an illegal attempt to register the Ukrainian chess player Ms. Lagno for participation in 2014 Chess Olympiad in Tromso as a member of the Russian Chess Federation team. Moreover, we are cognizant of the pressure exercised by the Executive Director of FIDE Mr. Freeman in this regard favoring extension of time to enable such a registration."

[The deadline for registering all members of the participating teams at Olympiad is July 1 2014, two months prior to the event, as stated ont he official website of the tournament - CN]

"In case such information corresponds to the true course of events, the Ukrainian Chess Federation strongly objects against illegal actions of the Russian Chess Federation and Mr. Freeman and brings up issue of an attempt for serious violations of FIDE Rules" at the stage of preparation for Olympiad on the grounds stated further in the letter.


"We want to express our deepest hope that wisdom will prevail and the facts of FIDE Secretariat's gross intervention into the procedure of Ms. Lagno registration deadline will remain as just a small incident that would not become a matter for public discussion/consideration of international chess community in future.


"The Ukrainian Chess Federation want to express its hope that FIDE officials will stop acting in favor of any particular FIDE members and start not just declaring FIDE Motto which is "Gens Una Sumus" (We are one family) but actively implement such fundamental principle of equal treatment of National Chess Federations into the practice," concludes the letter.

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