Stefanova's Support Towards Azmaiparashvili Considered Betrayal

Время публикации: 23.06.2014 19:24 | Последнее обновление: 01.01.2015 19:57

Antoaneta Stefanova's decision to support Silvio Danailov's rival on the ECU president post is considered in Bulgaria as a betrayal.

"Our best women player shocked the Bulgarian Chess Federation and the whole world of this ancient game by supporting not Silvio Danailov, but his opponent for the ECU president post," wrote recently.

Let us remind you, several days ago Stefanova took part in the event held in support of Azmaiparashvili's candidacy at the elections. It was organized at Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and visited by number of officials.  

"Antoaneta also expressed her support to the reigning FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, while Danailov is among Kirsan's rival's, Garry Kasparov's supporters," the newspaper says. "Stefanova's decision is taken as a betrayal, nonetheless, she will play for the Bulgarian national team at the upcoming Olympiad in Tromso. Yet it's unknown how will other members of our team will react and also if the federation will take measures in this situation." 


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