He Is in Prague

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Many of Stavanger supertournament followers ask "where is Nakamura?", we can now reply with not just "he is in Prague" but also by naming specific places he visits - I will guide you to those during Navara - Nakamura match. 

The opening ceremony of the 12th festival Czech Chess Trophy was held at the terrace of one of the hotels located at Vaclav Square. Everything around is strikingly beatiful.

Second from the left is a famous Czech arbiter Pavel Votruba

Sergey Movsesian and Yulia Kochetkova are dressed in blue

Hikaru and I have as minimum two common loves - chess and Prague. That's why we met here. The GM arrived at Prague several days before the start of the competition and he is planning to stay here till the beginning of the World Rapid and Blitz championships in Dubai. As I understood he has high hopes for this competition and this is the foremost reason of him refusing to play at Stavanger.

"Do I follow the competition in Norway? Up to a point.." Then he went in describing at what point he watches the tournament by recalling how Agdestein could and had to defeat Aronian and Karjakin, how lucky was Grischuk against Topalov, he also remembered some blitz games... According to Nakamura, for now only Caruana shows best chess in Stavanger, nonetheless, he outlines it is just a beginning of the competition.  

Navara family: the father and the son.

David on the contrary won't be playing in Dubai: he is planning to take a break from chess after the match. 

The legendary grandmaster Vlastimil Hort is a usual guest of such events. This evening he got an award for his outstanding contribution to chess development in Czech Republic. 


* * *

It all started by Nakamura giving a simul.

Awaiting the grandmaster

Personally I wasn't planning to participate (thinking that I can finish my career by drawing Bareev), but literally minutes before the start the director of the competition Pavel Matocha let me know someone previously registered couldn't arrive, so there was no choice - I had to face Nakamura...

Nakamura didn't know of the change, so once he came to shake hands with another participant, he got his portion of surprise: he has met this face somewhere before. 

Special thanks to Anezka Kruzikova for the photo

After some hesitation Hikaru started with 1.e4! From the neighbouring boards he did so only with me, which made me proud. 

Are you asking me of the result? This is what I am going to tell you: it was a fantastic game! 

Four participants managed to hold.

"Actually I was expecting this to be an easier simul..." Nakamura smiled after all games were finished. Then I assured him, "That's why I joined the simul - for making it easier."


* * *

Then the drawing ceremony came much as a dessert.


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