"I Watched Too Much TV." Carlsen Reviews Gashimov Memorial

Время публикации: 07.05.2014 20:51 | Последнее обновление: 07.05.2014 20:55

Another videoblog by Magnus Carlsen is up, in this edition he reviews Gashimov Memorial. 

"I'll explain what happened," Magnus started to recall his losses after the first cycle. "I was actually in a good shape before the tournament. My problem is that I started to get a bit sluggish, I mean my head was not working so well. I think partly it was because of my long games and partly because I was watching too much TV. There were football games almost every night, NBA playoffs, we were also watching different realities, serials. It was simply too much." Magnus already told us what he was watching in the interview to Chess-News. 

Then Carlsen reviews in detail his encounters against Nakamura, Radjabov and Caruana, in the end he noted that there was a lot of fighting chess,"sometimes too fighting in a sense that some players maybe needed to play more carefully in some games [...] I prefer to win five games and make five draw instead of winning five games and losing twice."


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