From Ukraine to Russia

Время публикации: 28.04.2014 23:03 | Последнее обновление: 01.01.2015 19:30

Kateryna Lagno to play for Russia at the Olympiad if formalities are settled

The strongest Ukrainian player, two-fold European champion and the reigning world rapid champion Kateryna Lagno changes the federation. If the formal part will be settled in time she may play for the Russian team at the Olympiad in Tromso. This was announced by the coach of the Russian national teams Sergey Janovsky in the interview to the RCF website.

As we reported earlier, Kosintseva sisters refused playing for the team and this was confirmed by Janovsky:  

"Yet we couldn't fix the conflict between Kosintseva sisters and Sergey Rublevsky [...] Recently I talked to their father Anatoly Alekseyevich. Pity that RCF took such a tough position towards them from the very start of the conflict. You can't just let away such talents! Tanya and Nadya were accused in lack of patriotism which in my view is absolutely unfair, and in addition they also stopped giving them all the scholarships.

I consider the chief coach of the women's team Rublevsky a highly qualified specialist and if in an emotional rush he said something unpleasant to the girls, he could have also found courage to apologize and smooth over the situation [...] Unfortunately, Tatiana's results decreased due to this stressful situation (Nadya, as we know, became mother and she took a pause).

I really hope Kosintseva sisters will return to their optimal form and there will be found some compromise solution for their return to the team. And today's team may have a new member soon..." 


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