Russian Women's Team to Play at Olympiad Without Kosintseva Sisters

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Andrey Selivanov: "RCF is not going to change the coach"

The Vice President of Russian Chess Federation Andrey Selivanov answered on journalists' question after third round of the Women's Grand Prix taking place in Khanty-Mansiysk: 

"First thing the newly elected president of RCF Andrey Filatov did was arranging a meeting with Tatiana Kosintseva at which they discussed the possibility of her return to the team and the conditions for the individual preparation. The federation was ready to allocate an individual coach for her, but apparently the conflict between Kosintseva sisters and the coach of the national team Rublevsky went so far that they refuse playing for the team until he is the coach. In this situation RCF is not going to change the coach, although it was ready for certain compromises. Nadezhda won't be able to play because of family issues, while Tatiana was maybe ready to play but there's still that conflict inbetween which emerged in Istanbul and hasn't been worked out by the previous leadership. Moreover, I believe everything was done in order to intensify it. At the moment it is too hard to localize it because it went too far.

...There's a coach working for the team, there's the system and the plan of preparation. The crucial for us today is preparation for the Olympiad which will be held in Tromso, Norway. I won't tell you all the secrets of the preparation work but I think we will manage to present you some surprises. The task for men's and women's teams is to show the best result."

Let us remind you, the Olympiad will be held in August and no team competitions are scheduled before that time. 

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