Russian Team Chess Championship: Jobava Helps Belorechensk to Jump Into Joint Lead

Время публикации: 09.04.2014 21:57 | Последнее обновление: 09.04.2014 21:57

Two clubs are perfect after Round 3 of the Russian Team Chess Championship. If success of the rating favourite Malakhit is not surprising (mebers of the team are Karjakin, Grischuk, Leko, Malakhov, Motylev, Lysyj, Bologan), the achievement of Belorechensk which is sixth in the rating list is quite unexpected.

The leader of Belorechensk Baadur Jobava is successful on the first board: yesterday he beat Dmitry Jakovenko of Ugra, today he defeated Gata Kamsky of Ladya. Noteworthy is that Baadur follows his favourite for now scheme - tries to avoid theoretical battles going out of the book. 

 [Event "21st TCh-RUS 2014"] [Site "Loo RUS"] [Date "2014.04.09"] [Round "3.2"] [White "Jobava, Baadur"] [Black "Kamsky, Gata"] [Result "1-0"] [WhiteElo "2706"] [BlackElo "2714"] [ECO "C44"] [Opening "Inverted Hungarian"] [EventDate "2014.04.07"] [Board "1"] [BlackTeam "Ladja"] [WhiteTeam "Universitet"] 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Be2 g6 4. d4 exd4 5. Nxd4 Bg7 6. Be3 Nf6 7. Nc3 O-O 8. O-O d5 9. Nxc6 bxc6 10. e5 Ne8 11. Bd4 f6 12. exf6 Bxf6 13. Na4 Ng7 14. Nc5 Rb8 15. Rb1 a5 16. c3 Be7 17. b4 Bd6 18. Qd2 Nf5 19. a3 axb4 20. axb4 Nxd4 21. cxd4 Qf6 22. Qc3 Ra8 23. Rb2 Qf4 24. g3 Qf6 25. Kg2 Bf5 26. Nb7 Qe6 27. Kg1 Bh3 28. Rc1 Be7 29. Bf1 Bxf1 30. Rxf1 Bf6 31. Na5 Rae8 32. Nxc6 h5 33. b5 h4 34. Qd3 Kg7 35. Rc2 Rf7 36. Kg2 h3+ 37. Kg1 g5 38. Nb4 g4 39. Rc6 Qe2 40. Qxe2 Rxe2 41. Nxd5 Bxd4 42. Nf4 Rxf4 43. gxf4 Bb6 44. f5 Re4 45. Rd1 Rb4 46. Kf1 Kf7 47. Rd7+ Ke8 48. Rh7 Kd8 49. Rg6 Kc8 50. f6 Rf4 51. f7 Kb7 52. Rg8 Bc5 53. Rhh8 1-0 [Event "21st TCh-RUS 2014"] [Site "Loo RUS"] [Date "2014.04.08"] [Round "2.3"] [Board "1"] [White "Jakovenko, Dmitry"] [Black "Jobava, Baadur"] [Result "0-1"] [WhiteTitle "GM"] [BlackTitle "GM"] [WhiteElo "2726"] [BlackElo "2706"] [ECO "A55"] [Opening "Old Indian"] [Variation "main line"] [WhiteTeam "Yugra (KhMAO)"] [BlackTeam "University (Belorechensk)"] [WhiteFideId "4122356"] [BlackFideId "13601520"] [EventDate "2014.04.07"] 1. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 d6 3. c4 Nbd7 4. Nc3 e5 5. e4 Be7 6. Be2 O-O 7. O-O c6 8. Re1 Qe8 9. Bf1 Bd8 10. h3 Qe7 11. Be3 Ba5 12. Nd2 Rd8 13. Qc2 Nf8 14. d5 h6 15. a3 Bb6 16. b4 Bxe3 17. Rxe3 Bd7 18. a4 a5 19. Rb1 axb4 20. Rxb4 Bc8 21. Rb1 c5 22. g3 N8h7 23. Kh2 h5 24. Nf3 g6 25. Ree1 Kg7 26. Qd2 Ng8 27. Nh4 Nh6 28. Ng2 Bxh3 29. Nh4 Bc8 30. Kg1 Rf8 31. Rb6 Qd8 32. Rb3 Ra6 33. Reb1 Qe7 34. Bg2 f5 35. exf5 Nxf5 36. Nxf5+ gxf5 37. f4 e4 38. Bh3 Nf6 39. Ra3 Rg8 40. Nd1 Kf8 41. Kf1 Qg7 42. Qf2 Ke8 43. Rbb3 Kd8 44. a5 Ng4 45. Bxg4 hxg4 46. Qb2 Qd4 47. Ne3 Kc7 48. Rc3 Rh8 49. Kg2 Qg7 50. Qa1 Qh6 51. Kf2 Qf6 52. Kg2 Qd4 53. Qb2 Rh3 54. Rc2 b6 55. Rd2 Qxb2 56. Rxb2 Rxa5 57. Rxa5 bxa5 58. Ra2 Kb6 59. Rb2+ Ka6 60. Rb8 Rh8 61. Kf1 Ka7 62. Rb5 Rh1+ 63. Ke2 Ra1 64. Kd2 Bd7 65. Rb3 Ra2+ 0-1 [Event "21st TCh-RUS 2014"] [Site "Loo RUS"] [Date "2014.04.07"] [Round "1.6"] [Board "1"] [White "Jobava, Baadur"] [Black "Potapov, Pavel"] [Result "1/2-1/2"] [WhiteTitle "GM"] [BlackTitle "IM"] [WhiteElo "2706"] [BlackElo "2475"] [ECO "B32"] [Opening "Sicilian"] [Variation "Labourdonnais-Loewenthal variation"] [WhiteTeam "University (Belorechensk)"] [BlackTeam "Yamal"] [WhiteFideId "13601520"] [BlackFideId "4169786"] [EventDate "2014.04.07"] 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 e5 5. Nf3 Nf6 6. Bc4 Nxe4 7. Qd5 Nd6 8. Bb3 f6 9. Bd2 Qc7 10. Na3 a5 11. Nb5 Nxb5 12. Qxb5 Ne7 13. O-O-O Qc6 14. Qe2 d5 15. a4 Bf5 16. Nh4 Be6 17. f4 e4 18. Bc3 b6 19. g4 O-O-O 20. Rhg1 Kb7 21. Rg3 Ng6 22. Ng2 Bf7 23. Bd4 Bb4 24. Qf2 Qd6 25. g5 Rhg8 26. Rh3 Rh8 27. Kb1 Bc5 28. Rg3 f5 29. h4 Ne7 30. Ne3 Bxd4 31. Rxd4 g6 32. Rg1 Qc5 33. Rgd1 Rd6 34. Bc4 Rhd8 35. Bb5 Be8 36. c4 Bxb5 37. cxb5 R6d7 38. Qd2 Rc7 39. Ka2 Kb8 40. Qh2 Kb7 1/2-1/2 

Other members of the team are Alekseev, Kobalia, Landa, Tregubov, Aleksandrov (as Jobava he scored 2.5/3), Beshukov and Chernaev. 

Malakhit and Belorechensk are facing each other in Round 4 tomorrow. 


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  • In Zeeland, the Hogeschool Zeeland tournament has ended. Three rounds before the end, the rating favourite Baadur Jobava was half a point behind the leading group, but at the decisive stage of the tournament, the Georgian GM did not drop even half a point. Indeed, he dropped only one point throughout the event and finished in clear first place.  

  • Baadur Jobava once again beat Daniil Dubov. Last time it happened at Bronstein Memorial, the win then brought Jobava overall victory in competition.  

    Now the opponents met in Round 6 of EICC. As many of Jobava's games, this also can be marked as "unusal." In a sharp position Baadur sacrificed the queen for the rook and the knight, obtained enough compensation and managed to built a threatening construction for the White king. Both players did their best up tp 40th move. 

  • Round four of Tata Steel Chess was played in B-Group today. All seven games turned out to be decisive. Georgian grandmaster Baadur Jobava gained another win. 

  • Armenian GM Levon Aronian played for Baden-Baden at German Bundesliga on the weekend. Out of three games, he won two and drew one.

  • The hero of the Russian Team Chess Championship GM Alexander Grischuk who scored 5/6 on board two gave a commentary to our website.

  • Most of the third round matches at Tromso Olympiad are still under way, but the rating favourite Russian men's team already celebrates 4-0 victory over Macedonia - the average rating of the team is somewhere between 2400-2500 ELO points. 

  • As a result of the successful performance in Qatar Masters, Bela Khotenashvili (2504 in the December FIDE rating list) has gained as much as 26 Elo points.