"I Waited At Least One Player to Protest..."

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Vladimir Kramnik on the most dubious paragraph of the Candidates' Regulations 

Vladimir Kramnik was asked two questions at today's press conference:

1. "How come the organisers managed to bring back the rule according to which in case of shared first the winner will be determined due to tiebreak but not the personal encounter on a playoff?"
2. "Why don't the players protest against this not very healthy rule?"

Kramnik, "As regards to question one - they just copied the rules of the previous tournament. I guess it was a copy-paste with a slight changes in dates and other stuff.  

Аnd the second question, well I can ask the same. There were a lot of critical notes.. I just got interested and I decided: if at least one player will protest and say: "Let's try to change this somehow" I will support him immediately. 

The thing is I have already been in a chess world for a while. To be honest I have always been confused by such passive attitude of the players. I have been protesting about different things all alone and quite frequently. I spent on that my time, energy, nerves...

Well, in general that paragraph of the regulations is not of a crucial importance: you don't know if you will compete for the first place, also if you share first then it may turn out that you will be lucky... So, if taking into account my chances, I thought that it doesn't really matter.

As soon as I got the contract I wanted to write them telling well guys, we already discussed this... But then I thought: let's wait.. I decided to hold an experiment.

I waited and saw how it went. No one said a word. All agreed.

And I decided: if no one cares, why should it bother me?  

* * *

"Dmitry, why didn't you protest?" Andreikin was asked.

"Me? Well, I didn't think of that. I had other things to do."


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