EICC 2015 May Have Two Rest Days. "To See the Holy Places"

Время публикации: 06.03.2014 00:04 | Последнее обновление: 06.03.2014 00:04

As we've already informed you European Individual Chess Championship 2015 will take place from February 1-14 in Jerusalem. The president of the Israeli Chess Federation Moshe Slav shared some details on the event in the interview to Chess-News.   

"The state allocated money for the event. I called the Chancery of the President explaining this is an important issue... Jerusalem, our capital, is the city of all religions. The entire Europe, the best players will visit it to play chess. It's a spiritual city which spiritally inspires a lot of people; everyone will like the city of culture.

...We want to have two free days at the event, so people will be able to visit holy places - Jerusalem, Nazareth, the dead sea... There will be different opportunities."

Let us remind you, traditionally the championship has 11 rounds will only one rest day; it's played according to this schedule now in Yerevan, Armenia. 


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