Paulson Wishes to Replace "Several of the Current ECF's Board Members" and May Consider "Standing for the FIDE President Himself"

Время публикации: 15.02.2014 14:24 | Последнее обновление: 16.02.2014 13:09

The ECF president Andrew Paulson answers the recent publication by the ECF Board which "passed a motion of No Confidence in Paulson." He wrote on the very forum the following, "Members of the Board attempted a coup d'état last Saturday, but failed [...] The ECF Chief Executive, one of the ECF Non-Executive Directors and a former Chief Executive (now Chairman of the Governance Committee) of the ECF all supported me; the ECF Membership Director abstained admitting that he had no grounds for complaint. The remaining Board members all had close connections with either Malcolm Pein or Nigel Short (thence to Garry Kasparov) and I have demonstrated that their complaints are spurious (see Minutes)."   

Paulson sees Kasparov to be interested in this "coup d'état" as he "needed to distract attention from his agreement to pay $1.5m from his charity in the U.S. to a private company in Singapore, 100% owned by Ignatius Leong. Bad enough to have Leong on his ticket, people were saying, but to have bought him away from Ilyumzhinov at such a high cost to deliver a mere 11 (of 158) votes . . . And, Kasparov was unhappy that my presence lent credibility to Zurab Azmaiparashvili's ECU ticket and, supposedly, by association to Ilyumzhinov (even though I have openly declared that I do not support Ilyumzhinov and am considering standing for FIDE President myself)."

Eventually Paulson suggests his way out, "In an attempt to solve this impasse, I will propose a new harmonious Board (replacing several of its current members) to Council at its regularly scheduled meeting in April, as the current one has been rendered dysfunctional. This will allow us to proceed constructively in the renewal of the ECF and its communications and marketing development that we promised at our election." 


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