Dvorkovich and Levitov Leave RCF

Время публикации: 29.01.2014 17:00 | Последнее обновление: 01.01.2015 18:29

Russian chess will be headed by Andrey Filatov

Russian newspaper Kommersant published the information which "shouldn't have been spread" before the RCF Board Meeting on February 1. Arkady Dvorkovich and Ilya Levitov leave their posititons at the RCF. The official statements will be made at the Congress. 

The newspaper quotes Mr. Dvorkovich:

"My term as the Chairman of the RCF Supervisory Board finishes this year. At the moment the amount of work on the post of the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation doesn't allow me to sufficiently deal with all the cases topical for Russian Chess Federation, so I have made a decision not to ask the Congress to extend my term."

According to the Regulations the delegates of the Congress will have to elect a new Chairman of the RCT Supervisory Board from the candidatures nominated by the regional federations. However, as Chess-News found out that's only a matter of formality because the top level officials have already decided that Dvorkovich will be replaced by the businessman Andrey Filatov.   

In chess world he is known as the sponsor of the Anand - Gelfand world title match 2012 held in Moscow. 

The Supervisory Board appoints the Chairman of the Management Board, Filatov chose Mark Glukhovsky (the editor-in-chief of the 64 - Chess Review Magazine) for this position. Let us remind you that Mr. Glukhovsky works as the Press Attache at the abovementioned match. 

Here's another extract from Dvorkovich's commentary to Kommersant: 

"We have built the system of chess development in Russia: there is the grant system working as well as there are grandmaster schools for children; the number of regional tournaments held by the RCF has increased immensly; the work with the sponsors in arranged. [...] Playing for the Russian national team has again become prestigious - the system of preparation for the top team events is working properly, there are coaching staff as for men's, so for women's teams. The victory of the Russian men's team at the world championship 2013 in Turkey has proved that we were doing everything correctly. As many have claimed Russia got back its status of the most chess playing state in the world."     

The rumours on the possible resignation of Dvorkovich and Levitov actively circulated after RCF announced that it'll support Ilyumzhinov at the FIDE presidential elections. To some extent the decision was unexpected as Dvorkovich and Levitov stated earlier they are not happy with Ilyumzhinov's candidature.    

Arkady Dvorkovich has been working in RCF since 2007 - back then he was elected as the Vice-President. The president was Alexander Zhukov, Alexander Bakh took the post of the Executive Director. 

After Dmitry Medvedev's edict issued in 2009 restricted those working in government structures to take positions at sports federations, RCF created a new structure of governance: the post of president was abolished in 2010, Dvorkovich became the Chairman of the newly created RCF Supervisory Board, while Bakh remained the Chairman of the Management Board.

However, in May of the same year Bakh was forced to leave his post, he was replaced by Ilya Levitov. The new era in the development of Russian chess has started right at that point, but now it seems that it will finish sooner than expected. 


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