Garry Kasparov: "I Wish FIDE Officials Would Follow Our Example"

Время публикации: 25.01.2014 22:54 | Последнее обновление: 26.01.2014 01:25

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From the press-conference, Wijk aan Zee, 25.01.2014 (AUDIO)

E.SUROV: ...Following the question about fair play, as you know FIDE published the project...


E.SUROV: Well, I don't know who...

G.KASPAROV: I agree with you but, I wish I had a proof.

E.SUROV: We just should pretend I didn't say that…

Somebody published the project of your contract with Leong and yesterday the final version of it was published on your website. So, how would you comment on that?

G.KASPAROV: First of all I have to point at the fact that the call for transparency and honesty came from anonymous source using a stolen document. That's very much the style. That was accompanied by further lies, there was a statement signed by Mr. Freeman on the FIDE website - that's also a quite unique combination, I still can't get how the Executive director can be the treasurer at the same time, but that's the way FIDE works today - denying this, that FIDE server or somebody from FIDE stole the document from Mr. Leong's mail, again there's no proof that he did it, but it's quite ironic that the only version of the document (and you can understand that from many others of them, because it was just a beginning of the negotiation and it took much longer to come up with the final version which was published yesterday) this is the only one [document] that was available for this anonymous source and that was the only one [document] sent by Morten Sand to Ignatius Leong's FIDE account.

From my perspective, what happened is for the best because it's an opportunity for us to demonstrate that transparency for us is not an empty sound. We have nothing to hide, so we publish all the documents and I'm very happy to answer any question, because we did nothing wrong. Hopefully, some people who understand how Kasparov chess foundation operates in US or elsewhere will recognize the fact that we are transparent, open, charity organization which operates by American law, by Belgian law here, by South African law in Johannesburg and we have to fulfill the requirements and any wrong doing will put us in real problems. We did everything according to the law and I had to find a right counterpart in Asia to promote our agenda because what we are trying to do in Asia and Africa is to make sure we have an access to national federations where we can offer help and promote mainly our chess education programs.

So, I feel very comfortable, I have nothing to hide. What I expect now is FIDE to do the same. There are lots of questions to ask, I have a whole list of questions that we will be asking and not only about just transactions but about public money, about different contracts - contracts with CNC, contracts with AGON. I am afraid that after the win we are going to find so many land mines planted over years which are strengthening the integrity of the whole organization. So, I am quite confused to hear when the FIDE officials are talking about the integrity, honesty and transparency. I wish they would follow our example and publish every document which is relevant to the management of FIDE and also to the campaign.

One more point I hope they will stop using FIDE website for the campaign. This is something that I think we have to understand - I hope the journalists will help with it and carry the message. We have to understand this is not Garry Kasparov and his team agaist FIDE, this is Garry Kasparov vs. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Kirsan Ilyumzhinov doesn't own FIDE. Stop using these words like "FIDE did...", no, it's Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's campaign and we have to teach them to separate these things, to separate the website from their campaign purposes. They cannot use it for the publicizing the support of national federations there, they have to create their own website. They cannot use FIDE money to pay for the trips the FIDE officials to the Pacific and other regions to campaign. If we are talking about transparency, I would be very happy to hear who is paying FIDE officials for travelling around the world - from Geoffrey Borg to Ali Nihat - who is paying for that? Are they campaigning? Are they asking federations for the votes? And I believe they are paid by FIDE, which is wrong.

So, we are quite comfortable to be absolutely open and transparent in any aspect of our operations because the money is raised officially by my sponsors and donors and they know how that money is used.


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