""Numeber of Wins" Tiebreak Is Not Appropriate." Anastasia Ziazulkina Disappointed by the Organisation of WYCC

Время публикации: 06.01.2014 01:09 | Последнее обновление: 06.01.2014 02:13

Anastasia Ziazulkina, who won silver at the recent WYCC under 18 category, shared her impressions on the competition on her blog

"The number of mistakes I made was huge and you can only want to regret them now and then... But every mistake is of its own nature and there's a difference in any case: to analyse with a calm mind with a computer or to analyse things at the board all being in an emotionally tense situation and tough tournament schedule. So, there's really not a lot of sense in reproaching one's self, but it's better to make right conclusions and start slowly changing to better!

The organisation of this, generally, important for chess development event, was extremely "enjoyable." Starting from terrific queues in the canteen (thanks God, the situation improved to the end of the competition) and finishing with the chess issues (delaying the first round for more than three hours, drawing issues, no live broadcasting, problems with 30 minutes increment after 40th move and so on). Having played in all world and European youth championships I'm used to variety of things, but SUCH attitude towards young talents and as a result to chess in general is extremely upsetting...      

Nonetheless, I am very satisfied with the competition at large and particularly of the atmosphere! 


I forgot to mention a quite unpleasant thing: the tiebreaks. Personal encounter was measured as the first tiebreak. I consider it to be quite wise and deserving to exist. But the second one - the number of wins (or if you will, the number of lossses) is hardly objective. It's widely used in the round-robin competitions, where all participants met, but in this concrete case, it turned out that those leading the entire tournament and having lost in the last rounds are automatically surpassed by those who gaine dpoints and turned out at the end of the competition. I lost the first place only because of this tiebreak, although I think Lidia Tomnikova 2167 (gold medalist) deserved the first place. Well, I actually had a chance: first I missed a win in the game against Lida, then I failed to use an obvious advantage against Ukrainian player Mariia Bezkorovaina in the last round. As a result I won silver. Thus, all was fair, nonetheless, it can't be a justification for those who introduced the tiebreak "the numeber of wins", as it is just not appropriate at all."   


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