RCF Will Support Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's Candidature at FIDE Presidential Elections

Время публикации: 17.12.2013 16:23 | Последнее обновление: 17.12.2013 16:23

Decision made by the Supervisory Board 

Russian Chess Federation decided whose candidature to support at FIDE presidential elections. As in 2010 RCF will support the reigning president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

The decision made at the RCF Supervisory Board meeting today looks, to say the least, surprising. Lately, RCF and FIDE didn't look to be extremely fond of each other. For instance, at the recent Supervisory Board meeting Arkady Dvorkovich said, "According to preliminary estimates, FIDE president hasn't fulfilled a single promise from those he gave back when he was elected [in 2010 -CN]. We should take this into account when we will have to make a decision on whom to support at the upcoming elections."

Coincidentally, in the same period of time Internet emerged with the so called sponsored articles about the RCF in which it was called "swindling"; the articles also stated "Dvorkovich's and his wife, Zumrud Rustamova's, connection with Dagestani criminal". As to Mr. Levitov, he was called "the hardened schemer and cocain fan" and that is just one extract.  

As it turned out the other candidate running for FIDE president, Garry Kasparov, took a sober view on the things. This is what he told us in October interview: 

"I am absolutely aware of the fact that I shouldn't be getting RCF's support now. That's not a tragedy for me, because the elections will take place in Tromso, Norway and even if RCF will want to behave as aggressively as in 2010, it will have minimum opportunities for that there. That's not Khanty-Mansiysk, so it's clear that if Russia decides to support Ilyumzhinov actively, it will influence on some federations. Now the situation has changed dramatically and I don't think that Russia's influence on the neighbouring countries - I mean post-Soviet countries - will remain as strong and effective as it was in 2010. That's the case when I would be glad if I was wrong and Russian federation keeps neutrality.   

Let's be objective. All those rumors on the new candidature are senseless. [...] It's clear that Ilyumzhinov has his advantages - he has been in the organisation for a long and that is a traditional advantage in any political campaign. The person who is on the post has the strategic advantages of administrating, people may be afraid of finding themselves on the side of the loser. Any kind of hesitation in this situation - let's say appearance of a new candidature from Russia - will be taken as failure of Ilyumzhinov as a potential candidate representing Russia. So, Ilyumzhinov hopes to represent exactly Russia and that will be his psychological advantage."      

Ilya Levitov refused to comment on the situation. 

Photo by Goga Chanadiri


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