Carlsen In The Swimming Pool

Saturday, 23.11.2013 00:12

This is what happened right after the press conference of the new world champion.



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  • As we already reported, Magnus Carlsen presented a chess app in Oslo, Norway. During the presentation he played a game against the program facing 14-year-old himself. Check out the photos of the event.

  • Magnus Carlsen posted on his Facebook page: "Having a great time at the beautiful Kragerø Resort! And brave enough to jump from 5 meters (they didn't have 10)!"

  • While the first free day of the European Championship saw the tours to the Dead Sea and the fortress of Masada, the second day-off gave the participants the opportunity to enjoy the Old City of Jerusalem.

  • So, will Karjakin make Carlsen at least nervous today?

  • Check out photos from the Gashimov Memorial taking place in Shamkir. 

  • The European Championship taking place in Jerusalem saw its first free day yesterday, on February 28th. Many participants have spent it sightseeing; the program consisted of a journey to the Dead Sea and a tour to Masada, a famous ancient fortress.

  • My impressions of the first playing day in Sochi can be summed up in one sentence: great fuss about a single game of chess. It seems to me that's not the way it should be, ideally.

  • Magnus Carlsen continues preparations for his world championship match against Vishy Anand. It's clear that a lot of attention is paid to physical exercises. The photos of bear-chested GM has been uploaded him on his Twitter page.

  • Our special correspondent in Stavanger Dmitry Ostanin sent us some photos from the tournament.