European Club Cup Tales

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Rhodes, Rodos Palace. This is where european Club Cup takes place. This is a nice photo taken by my colleague Elena Klimets. She always manages to bring out the very best parts.
And in reality?
Well, I would say if Vassily Ivanchuk was playing in this tournament, perhaps, he wouldn't repeat at the closing ceremony his famous phrase about piece of heavan on the earth.

But... Opinions differ. Rhodes is an old, mysterious and mythological island. Your correspondent managed to partly see it during these three playing days. Pecularities of the local Internet made me to spend te whole fourth day on sharing them wit you. 

There are two playing halls: men and women are separated. The men's hall is full; there's much more space in women's one, there even are some places for the spectators.

Well, there are places... There are just no spectators.

Sergey Karjakin and Alexander Motylev 

Vladimir Tukmakov, the captain of SOCAR, seems to be full of optimism.

The opening ceremony was done right before the start of Round 1. 

Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, the head of FIDE events commission, gave a welcoming speech.

The first move in the match of the reigning champion SOCAR-Azerbaijan.

Teimour Radjabov entered the competition from the second round.

The captain's gaze is directed to the table of his wards, while Olga Dolgova is watching the position in her husband's game; Alexey Shirov is playing for Malakhit.

Hikaru Nakamura was attracted by the position in Andrei Zhigalko's game.

The younger brother is playing not for native Minsk but for Rostov.

The captain will do anything for Pavel Smirnov, only him to bring poitns to the team.

Alexander Grischuk. Behind the backs of the rivals.

The team from St. Petersburg would be happy to take another gold.

Emil Sutovsky is heading an Azerbaijani team "Odlar Yurdu".

Nakamura is an undoubted leader of the team which isn't claiming for anything serious.

Olga Dolzhikova plays for the men's team from Oslo. She definitely enjoys:

Before the games she's doing.. how's it called - windsurfing?

Аnd takes pictures right during the games. In short, what an active lady!

"The old city" is in several minutes rides by bus or taxi. ...

Choosing a souvenirs is not any easier than choosing the moves. Eventually, Alexey Dreev manages to make a choice. 

The cafes on the central square are especially attractive.

Our guide Lena (made in USSR) asked for the bravest and in addition a strong believer. Andrei was such. This isn't an ordinary forest, but a place with some holy water... 

Here's a quite long cavern. If going through it barefoot you will gain happiness for the whole year. We went through it.

It's absolutely dark inside. Taking photos with flash was forbidden, but what else should I have done in order to show you what was the way we went through in order to gain some happiness?

That very light at the end of the tunnel.

This tree is almost two thousand years old.

We travelled over almost the entire island. It is definitely very beautiful.

That's where Putin's daughter got married, the guide told us. Is that another myth? Maybe. Well, the whole history of the island is constructed of legends.

Аnd that house is of the famous Pink Floyd. Supposedly their wives are living in those houses, while famous musicians are visiting them time to time and... we weren't told of any details.

This is a unique place where the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea meet each other.

Between two seas.
One player told me before the tournament that a chess player needs only thing for happiness - a full palte of food. I couldn't agree with hims after visiting this beach.  

This is a pomegranate tree.

And this is a fig tree (alas, the season is over).

Аnd this is an olive tree. Also a very old one.   

Another beautiful place - the former dacha of Benito Mussolini. No one else lived there. No one lives there now.

This was the view Italian dictator had.

"If this is the crisis they have, then it wouldn't be bad to have such", - we thought while having a dinner; we drank for chess.

The championship continues.., or rather starts.


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