Kasparov Enters The Battle

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Former World Champion runs for FIDE president

October 7th 2013 will become another historical day for Garry Kasparov and maybe for the whole chess world as well: the former world champion announced he will run for FIDE presidency in 2014. This happened during the 84th FIDE Congress held in Tallinn, Estonia. Practically all the delegates and heads of the International chess federation, except his rival in elections, were present as invited guests. 

We provided you with Тwitter coverage of the event (follow the link to see photos): 

Tallinn. Kasparov welcomes guests.

Reception at Kasparov's.

Kasparov delivers a speech.

Kasparov: "This was a hard decision to make..."

Kasparov: "There shouldn't be one-way governance in FIDE. We all should work on one level chess to benefit."

One of the members of Kasparov's team Jan Callewaert.

Kasparov's team: Jan Callewaert, Leong Ignatius, Afrika Msimang, Rex Sinquefield, Ahmed Al Hamed.

Afrika Msimang addresses the audience.

Leong Ignatius: "It's an honour for me to be invited in this team. Welcome to future!"

Rex Sinquefield sends video greetings.

Kasparov finished his speech with: "Gens Una Sumus."

Lots of food. Guests are satisfied. They taste it and digest what they have just seen.

Jazz again. What a great choice!

Kasparov's booklets available here!

Here you can find "Six winning moves for FIDE" suggested by Kasparov and his team:

Detailed photo report from the spot by Evgeny Surov soon on Chess-News.


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