"Mafia Rules FIDE"

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GM Suat Atalik's commentary regarding his wife's participation in EIWCC under ECU flag

The case that draw most attention at the EIWCC these days is not really happening on the boards but is connected to IM/WGM Ekaterina Atalik who is playing under ECU flag. 

We already reported on ECU decision to allow Ekaterina to play under the Union's flag, which was immediately reacted upon by the FIDE Vice-President and former President of Turkish Chess Federation Ali Nihat Yazici who published an open letter in which he called Silvio Danailov "incompetent, deficient and know-all."

Ekaterina Atalik's husband, a well known GM Suat Atalik, is in Belgrade now and commentates the games in the press center. He gave Chess-News a large commentary regarding the situation: 

"What you should always remember is that FIDE is ruled by mafia. This mafia follows its common laws: "if you're supporting us, then you don't have any problems neither with playing, nor with financial support or anything else, while if you do not support us - then you are against us and we are against you." This is Yazici's and Makropoulos's approach, they don't accept any other rules.

Katya has sent ECU a request to play under its flag on April 22nd. The Union sent a letter TCF asking for a commentary on the situation. The TCF hasn't replied for a long time, but sent Katya an email offering her to play in the national team. Katya's answer was: "talk to my lawyer."

Let me remember you the context. The TCF has just forgotten about such a player as Ekaterina Atalik for the last five years. She just doesn't exist. Take a look at the Turkish federation's website which has a composition of the national team: 

Do you see Ekaterina Atalik's name there? You won't find my name in the men's team as well.

Mr. Yazici writes in his open letter that no one prohibited Ekaterina to play under Turkish flag. The Turkish player with 1705 rating who is playing here in Belgrade gets a full financial support from the federation. Apparently, they wanted the player with 2430 rating to cover her costs, while they never remembered her during last five years.

By the way, recently Katya has won a court against TCF: Yazici violated terms and conditions of the contract for years.

In my view, there's "last man standing" in today's chess world and that is Silvio Danailov. Giving Katya the permission to play under ECU flag he followed the logic, not the mafia laws: can you ban from playing the winner of 2006 championship and just a strong player?

And finally, here's what I would like to ask: where is ACP? I read a lot about the achievements of this organisation presented by its president Emil Sutovsky, but I got no support from them regarding our with Katya situation. Is he living in some other world or doesn't he hear about our problems? Well, if he gets all the information only from the website of FIDE then he should definitely know that recently Geoffrey Borg, FIDE CEO, turned 50. A great event, isn't it? Now we would also like that the organization created for supporting chess players paid some attention to us."

Suat also noted that they both are going to change the federation.


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