Borislav Ivanov Fails to Show Up at Anti-Cheating Test in Sofia. Silvio Danailov: "The Case Is Now Closed"

Время публикации: 11.07.2013 20:07 | Последнее обновление: 11.07.2013 20:08 reports details on Ivanov case - 25-year-old FM suspected in cheating. Let us remind you, the Bulgarian Chess Federation decided to temporarily disqualify Ivanov from participating in Bulgarian tournaments for a duration of four months. This period should have been used by the federation to investigate the case and find out if he was using computer help while playing.

A special anti-cheating test for Borislav Ivanov was organized by the BCF in its headquarters in Sofia on June 19th. The meeting was organized especially for the player to vindicate himself. The night before the test FM sent a last-minute notice to federation, written by his lawyer, which stated that Ivanov wouldn't be abble to attend the test as he was going to participate in 7th Varna Open which was starting on the same day in Varna. A week earlier, however, Ivanov noted in his interview to the local TV-show that the organizer of Varna Open has "categorically refused" to let him play in the competition.      

"Have you seen Ivanov?" cites Silvio Danailov, who arrived from Spain to personally attend the test demonstration: "The Ivanov case is now closed."

It's also noted that BCF won the lawsuit that Ivanov has filed against the federation after the decision on his four-month disqualification was announced. After Ivanov missing at the anti-cheating test the federation made the following decison: "once Ivanov’s four-month ban from tournament participation on Bulgarian soil expires, he will be free to play chess wherever he wants. But the final decision on whether he can play will be made solely by the tournament organizers.” According to the website after Ivanov's failed attempt to play at Varna Open, he was refused to participate in another tournament in Spain.


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