GM Tornike Sanikidze Takes a Break From Chess and Apologizes

Время публикации: 11.07.2013 15:15 | Последнее обновление: 11.07.2013 15:41

Another GM decided to take a break from chess. This was announced by Tornike Sanikidze on his Facebook page:

"Hello Everybody! I feel really very bad. And I decide to take biiig rest from the chess. I think I will not play very long. First of all I have to decline all my invitations and contracts with the clubs, and I have to apologize for it. I hope in some time they will understand me...My life is so shit..i need to rest.... it is up to me to continue like this...So thank you very much for all my friends who will support me, and sorry again for making problems. wish you all the best.."

In the commentary given to our website Sanikidze explained that his decision is connected to his private life:

"I couldn't find myself for quite long and due to that my results weren't stable. It will take me long to recover - I should turn over a new leaf..."

Tornike Sanikidze has a successful experience of coaching: mostly he was helping four members of Georgian women's team for the Olympiad 2008 (the team won Gold). Last several months he worked with Antoaneta Stefanova. It's yet unknown if he will he continue coaching.


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