Anatoly Karpov: "Kasparov Plans to Participate in FIDE Presidential Elections"

Время публикации: 26.06.2013 22:24 | Последнее обновление: 26.06.2013 23:10

In an interview to the Swiss newspaper "Nasha Gazeta", Anatoly Karpov reflected on Garry Kasparov's recent announcement that he's not planning to return to Russia in the nearest future:

"I know he plans to run for FIDE president, so this is a PR move, and in addition some sort of freedom."

In Karpov's opinion, the 13th World Champion has chances in the elections as "he is well known in the world." On the question if Karpov is going to support Kasparov's candidacy, the State Duma deputy answered:

"I... (hesitates). You know, I am so fed up with Ilyumzhinov's team that... I have a good relationship personally with Ilyumzhinov, but his team is totally corrupted, absolutely useless in managing chess. They, however, set up a system that struck on the image of the International Olympic Committee in Salt Lake City, as well as on the image of different federations. I think exactly this system has reached its peak in chess. Unfortunately, this isn't actively discussed and covered, but something has to be done with the current situation - apart from making useless decisions, they also intervene with chess rules, which is intolerable.    

Can Kasparov count on support in Russia? 

No, he can't. Moreover, the Russian Chess Federation will work against him, this is obvious. When I was running for FIDE president, against Ilyumzhinov, the federation first voted for me. Russia supported me and then "changed" the position of federation under wild pressure. They barely equalized. They needed to change the governing body to do so, the director of the federation was suppressed. I know who was contacting whom and giving directives to "secure a vote"."


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